Knitting an Afghan in the Round on 2 Circular Needles?

I’m a rookie knitter working on an afghan that is knitted in the round. The pattern started with the middle of the afghan: 8 stitches on double-pointed needles, with gradual increases every other row until the project became big enough to transfer to 29" circular needles.

However, now that the afghan is getting too big even for the circular needles, the pattern calls for me to switch to [I]2 pairs of circular needles.[/I] I’m nervous about making a mistake because I already have a lot of stitches (and hard work) on my needles. I’ve seen someone link two sets of round needles with some sort of plastic connector doodad before, but I don’t know if this is a typical technique.

Can anyone offer some hints or links about knitting a large project in the round on two circulars? Thank you! I really appreciate any help.

You can connect the cords with interchangeable needle sets, but if you have fixed circs you can’t do that. To knit with 2 separate circs, knit about half the sts with one then take needle B and knit the other half of the sts (doesn’t have to be exactly half). Now you have needle A on the left, take the other end of it and knit until all the sts are off it. Needle B is now on the left, so take its other end and knit all the sts on it. Every few rounds knit a few more off the next needle before switching so you minimize any stretching between sts. There’s a video on the Advanced Techniques page that show knitting with 2 circs; it’s for small diameter knitting, but is basically the same for knitting a very large diameter.

Is it a baby afghan or an adult size? What type of circs are you using?

The pattern refers it a “throw blanket.” Finished, it’s supposed to be approx 70" in diameter/

Two size 9 mm (U.S. 13) circular knitting needles 29"

And the pattern is from Michaels’ Loops & Thread, Country Loom. It’s called “From the Middle Blanket.”

Others are much better at advising on your needle dilemma, I’d just add that you might want to put in a lifeline. That way if you get messed up switching your needles around it will be easier to get all the stitches back where they’re supposed to be. I figure that way you’ll be more relaxed and probably not need the lifeline at all. You’ll do great, I’m sure. Enjoy.