Knitting an A line sweater

I’m looking around for my next project. Normally I knit round neck sweaters but I’ve seen some nice V Neck patterns. The trouble is I’m pear shaped. So in order for the sweater to fit my hips the v neck would be too wide on my top half. How would I go about making it into an A Line shape while still keeping in pattern?

This is similar to the question about shaping armholes or V-necks and keeping in pattern. You may be able to maintain part of the pattern repeat as you shape the sweater or you may have to give up the pattern repeat at the increase or decrease and replace with stockinette or the background stitch.

Ann Budd’s books may be helpful as far as the placement and frequency of shaping. You’ll be working with your desired sweater measurements and your gauge. Top-Down Sweaters is the one that covers this if I remember correctly. My public library has copies and yours may too.

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