Knitting a spiral horn



Hello! Newbie here. I’ve technically been knitting for about 7 years, but with 3 finished projects, I can hardly be considered even at the intermediate level.

I’m looking to knit a unicorn hat. I’m stuck on the horn. There are no knitting patterns for horns that I like, only crochet. This picture is exactly what I’m looking for. IsCapture%20_2019-02-08-16-35-00~3 there a way to convert a crochet pattern into a knitting pattern? Does anyone know where I can find what I’m looking for? Does anyone know how to knit this spiral horn?


There are some knitting patterns for unicorn hats on Ravelry. You might be able to find the right design and size horn that you want.


I already looked there. But thank you for the suggestion.


I have looked at the image of the unicorn horn. It was not the crochet stitches that create the spiral. They just use a single crochet in a slowly decreasing spiral.

I conclude there must be something inserted inside that has the spiral shape.