Knitting a skinny scarf

I just love these narrow scarves…they start with 3 stitches, knit 10 rows, inc 1 stitch…continue until you have 20 stitches on needle, then begin decreasing one stitch every 10 rows, back to three; cast off. So cute! especially with eyelash yarn. I have given a few of these as gifts and they are so welcomed!

BUT: this time, the yarn I’m using is called SRK Rhapsody 50% mohair, 40% nylon, 10% acrylic…
but it doesn’t behave too well with this pattern. It seems to curve strangely (or maybe it was me, losing my concentration and losing count!)…so I ripped it all out, down to here (less than half).

now the yarn is getting ratty-looking already, just from knitting it, and ripping it out… I’m not sure it would wear well nor wash well.
Does anyone know this yarn? It looks like ribbon with fluff in the middle, but knits up totally differently.

It should fluff back up when you wash or block the scarf when you’re done.

Oh! it is meant to be fluffy?..I thought I had ruined it, cuz it’s turning fluffy in my hands as I knit…good to know, thanks!

What a cool looking scarf! I hope you’re able to get the yarn to work for you!

You might do a smaller swatch, rip it out, and knit it again until it does the same thing as what’s going on with the scarf. Then wash it and see if you like the end result. I’d recommend this especially if you’re planning to give this as a gift. That way you know what kind of high strangeness (if there is any) the givee will have to deal with long-term.

Oh, I thought you meant it lost it’s fluff. But yeah, it’s supposed to be a fuzzy yarn anyway with the mohair in it. Also, make sure you’re using a large enough needle; I looked it up and it ought to be knit on size 11s at least and would be okay in a scarf on 13s.