Knitting a Shawl Collar

I am trying to complete a jacket with a shawl collar that is knitted on a circular needle. Would someone be kind enough to check the following pattern instructions for me. (I have marked and isolated the central stitches for the collar) - Instructions read:
Next Row (RS) Knit to within 2 sts of markings, turn
Next Row (WS) Knit to within 2 sts of markings, turn
Next Row (RS) Knit to within 4 sts of markings, turn
Next Row (WS) Knit to within 4 sts of markings, turn
Continue turning in this manner working to within 2 sts more each time in Next Row (RS) and then in every following 4th Row)

The way I read this the 4th Row will also be the RS so all the shapings will be on one side of the collar only, surely this can’t be right, what am I missing?

What pattern is this from? Seeing it would be helpful. To post a link just copy/paste the url here if you’re using a computer, I can’t tell you how other devices work.

These are directions for short rows. Since you’re repeating the directions on both the RS and the WS rows, you’ll shape both sides of the collar.
If you look at this small cardigan, about 1/5 of the way down the page is a diagram of the short row collar (about the 5th or 6th figure). See if that gives you a feeling for where the directions are taking you.

Hi There, thanks for your response. The pattern is in a Patons book number 3821. I think it might be a bit ancient now. It’s Style 5 - Shawl Collar Swing Coat.

Hi Salmonmac
It seems to me that ‘the next row’… is the Right Side. So then to make the shaping on every following 4th row would also be falling on the Right Side. Am I reading the pattern incorrectly then?

The rows are numbered as above so it sounds like you’re knitting the collar up the front and across the back to the right side of the sweater, then back to the left side and then continue alternating right, left. That way both sides are shaped. Short rows count the turn to the WS as a turn to the next row.

Okay thanks for your help, I’ll try and get my head round this, chuckle. I don’t want to be beaten at the last hurdle as its a lovely jacket.

You’re right. Give it a try, step by step. Don’t assume that you turn and knit back to the beginning on a row for example. Just follow each row and you’ll see it working out on the needles.

Sometimes it helps to make a small swatch, maybe 20 sts, mark off some number, say 14sts in the middle and try out the directions to see how it goes without working on all your project sts.

Now that is a brilliant idea, guess what I’ll be doing over the weekend. Thanks so much I’ll let you know how I get on

Hi there, well I made up the mini collar as you suggested and then it came to me how I was reading the pattern incorrectly. I’m now half way through the actual collar and its working well. Thank you so much for your help. I know I shall be using this site again.

That’s wonderful news! Thanks so much for reporting back. We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater.