Knitting a pillow cover for a 12x12 pillow

Hi y’all. I’m fixing to make a pillow cover for a pillow form I bought. The pillow form is 12x12. It is a bit puffy.

I figured I’d knit a front piece with a pattern and just a plain back. On the back I’ll probably make some button loops so I the “pillow case” will fit closely around the pillow. Since the pillow is a little poofy I thought this would look nicer than an open ended pillow case.

Since the pillow form is not perfectly flat (I picked it up at Michael’s Arts n Crafts), should I make the front and backs like 12.5 x 12.5?

On a side note, I am proud that I understand gauge (stitches & rows per inch) and will be able to alter the borders of this pattern to make it be 12x12 or 12.5 x 12.5 I already did the math in advance with my trusty calculator.

I really appreciate the friendliness and guidance I have gotten so far. Y’all are the best!


I think I’d measure from edge to edge around the curve of the poofy part of the pillow to see if 12 1/2 will be enough. Make sure you make an allowance for the seams, too, though.

Ah yesh, it is going to take forever. I’ve done like 12 or 13 rows so far and I’m only a little over 1 inch off the needle.

I’m using size 8 US needles.

Oh well. This is my summer project to give to my dog on his birthday which is toward the end of August… I just hope I bought enough yarn, I bought 3… I guess once I finish the back cover I’ll know if I bought enough…