Knitting a letter or numeral on a jumper

Hi everyone. I am knitting a really plain sweater for my one year old son and I wanted to smarten it up a little by putting his initial, T, or a number on the front. I have worked out exactly how many stitches and rows and was ready to go until I realised when I dropped the first colour and introduced the second I was going to be knitting different vertical pieces and have slits all the way up. Does my problem make sense to anyone and if so can you tell me how to join the yarn so it continues. I hate to think I have to cut the yarn on each row for 9 measly stitches!!! Thanks in advance!:knitting:

you need to twist the two strands at the back so they catch together where you change colors.
See the video this site on 'Intarsia method’

Hey, I made fingerless mitts (mid-entry)with a “T” monogram for my sister!
As suggested above, check out the intarsia video.

Also, you can just knit it up plain and add the letter afterwards with some crocheting, double stitching or whatever other embroidery technique you have under your belt.

Another vote for dupe stitch. Very easy and you can graph it out beforehand, if desired. (Just make sure to use knitting graph paper…avail free online…to ensure your scale is correct and the image won’t end up skewed.) Easy enough, this way, to use several colors if you want. You can use counted cross-stitch charts for designs.

If you opt to embroider, you can draw the image on tissue paper, baste the paper to the garment and stitch right thru the paper to ensure alignment. Tear away tissue when done.

Attached are pics of embroidery on pillow (in this case on crochet but could be knit).


You are all wonderful! Thank you so much for your help : )