Knitting a knot

My pattern reads

(k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 in the next stitch)

When I do this I end up increasing instead of making a knot. Who do I do this correctly?

What’s the next row say to do? I’m guessing the next row you knit them all together, or slip 1 or 2, knit2tog, pass the slipped stitches over; some combination thereof that decreases back to 1 and there is your knot. Maybe something like that?

What comes after that or what do you do with the sts on the next row? Sometimes you turn and knit them all together, then turn and go on to the next st, and sometimes you may just work to the end of the row and knit them together on the next one.

The pattern is for socks/slippers knitting them in the round. I am only on row two. There are 12 stitches on each needle. Here is what the second row reads. P5, k1 in the back of st, p5, (k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 in the next stitch). Rep from to the entire round. I knitted it and ended up with more that 12 stitches per needle. I knew I’d made a mistake but didn’t know how to get the knot made.

As I am reading the next line it appears I should have 48 stitches because it reads P5, k1 in the back of next stitch, p5, k5. Rep from to the entire round. If I do the above will that add 4 stitches per needle? How does the knot form?

You should be getting more stitches. Keep reading - at some point it will tell to decrease sts. And the instruction “k1 in the back of next stitch,” isn’t an increase, it’s just telling you to knit the stitch through the back loop.

I thnk I have it figured out but it made a hole under that row, almost like a button hole. Should that be there? I couldn’t knit it any tighter making four stitches plus the original on the same stitch.

If you inc a lot of sts, then decrease later on, it’s going to make a hole of some sort. Pull the yarn tight only makes the hole more noticeable, so loosen it up a little.