Knitting a k2p2 ribbed scarf in two colors. Need help with color changes!

I’ve consulted books and videos, but I cannot figure out how to hide the seam of where the two colors are stitched together. It would bother be so much if this weren’t a scarf and had to look good on both sides. Please help!

It’s just going to show on purl sts on the RS, that’s how the interweaving of the yarn works.

But how do I make the knitting look seamless?

How do you mean `seamless’?

That usually means without sewing up and I don’t think you’re going to sew it.

Seamless. Like you can’t tell they were stiched together. I’ve been told to weave in the ends over the color changes but I can’t seem to do that were it would look correct.

The ends should be woven in over the same color. I think I’m still not getting it. Do you have a picture.

I wish. I found this pick and this is what I want but do not have. It looks like I have one block of white then one row of navy for two stitchs, white for two stitchs and so on then a block of navy then another row of alternating colors. Hard to explain. I wish I could upload a photo. Feeling so frustrated. I’m sorry.

That’s what I thought you meant, though it’s not generally referred to as seamless. You mean you don’t want the color changes to show. On a 2x2 rib scarf, the other color shows on the purl stitches, but not the knit stitches. It might not be so noticeable after a few more inches and the ribbing pulls in a little. Unless there’s some kind of slip stitch, I’m not sure how to avoid it, sorry. A 1x1 rib is a tighter rib and it wouldn’t be as obvious.

Now I can breathe a bit. All of my family keeps saying “maybe its not a ‘knitting community’ problem, it could just be you” Yay! I’m not crazy! Always a good day when the question of my sanity is debunked.

I learned a trick from The Sweater Workshop about color changes when ribbing. What you do is on the first row of a color change just knit…no purling, and when you come around to the beginning start ribbing again. I was skeptical, but it works!! I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

Oh, that would work. And the one row of knit on the RS wouldn’t be so noticeable in the purl ribs. Not as much as the odd color.