Knitting a hood

How to do this

Work in St st increasing 1 st at each end of next row 6 times

Does this mean cast on 6 sts at each end once?


This is an increase rather than a cast on.
Do you know how to do an increase such as a kfb? There are different types of increase but if it doesn’t specify which type you can probably use one you like or know.

The instruction is to increase 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the next row and to do this 6 times which means (if you call next row, row 1) at beginning and ends of rows 1,2,3,4,5,6,
You will have worked 6 rows for this section and will have increased by 12 stitches.
Whilst doing this maintain the stocking stitch by working in knit on the knit rows and purl on the purl rows.

Does this help?

Thanks so much! I thought it may have meant cast on all 6 sts same time….


You’re welcome.

Ask any time you get stuck on a pattern, I do, it’s so great to have help just a message away!

It wasn’t clear, was it :frowning:

Is it a translated pattern? Sometimes things get translated word for word, rather than for meaning. So that the pattern ends up in English, but not in knitting English!

I’m so confused: knitting a hood

“Dec. 2 sts at beg of next RS row 3 times”

“Increase 2 sts. beg of next RS row 3 times”

Does this mean decrease 2 sts RS row only?
On next 3 rows? Or just the one time on same row???

Also next
Increase 2 sts RS only?
On next 3 rows?


It’s the next RS row and you do this instruction 3 times so if the next right side row was row 1 then this refers to rows 1, 3, 5
For each of these 3 RS rows decrease 2 stitches at the beginning.
Nothing is said here about the WS rows so if there are no special instructions work straight on the wrong side.

Similarly with increase 2 sts at beginning of next RS row 3 time. Work the wrong side row straight between these increase rows.

Make sense?

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So this means the dec and inc is all happening on same rows?

Not on the same rows no.
I thought you were referring to 2 different parts of the pattern.

Do these 2 instructions come exactly like this on the pattern, with nothing between?

If so then
dec 2 stitches at beginning of rows 1, 3, 5 (RS row 3 times)
Inc 2 stitches at beginning of rows 7, 9, 11 (RS row 3 times)

Although I’m not sure which part you are working on which decreases and then increases

Perhaps this pattern?

The directions shape the hood top.


Yes this is the pattern