Knitting a helmet liner

I’m knitting a helmet liner for my uncle who has been deployed back to IRAQ and it seems sooo small? I am using cascade 220 and my guage swatch was on, but it just seems so small… has anyone knit one and does it seems small b/c it will stretch and be tight under the helmet?

Hey, I actually JUST knit my first helmetliner a few days ago. All while I was knitting, I kept thinking “something’s off, it looks too small!!” but yeah, when it’s all stretched out on the face it’s nice. Unless the head you’re knitting for is particularly large (I usually knit my bf’s hats at 24" around) it should be fine.

Where in the process are you? It doesn’t start coming together until the very end when you do the face ribbing. All until then I thought it would look more like a pez-dispenser than a helmetliner. =]

Good luck, and PM me if you need advice or have any specific questions.

vaknitter -

Yes - where in the helmet liner are you? My third one is drying now. When I knit them, the necks seem like they would be too tight, but they open up well when our 18yo son tries them on for my file pics.

I use Cascade 220 also. I make the neck ribbing 7 3/4 in long and still have yarn left over. For the above the eyes part, I use a provisional cast on cause I don’t like picking up stitches. I cast on the 59 sts which leaves me with 60 live sts. These with the 52 already there at the bottom give me 112 (divisible by 4) for the 2x2 ribbing round the eyes. On the first, I did a regular 2x2 ribbing cast off. The last two I did the Russian bind off. Is stretchy, but next time I want to do the kitchener bind off. After I learn how.

I made the first for a family friend who was to be re-deployed to Iraq when it was cold. It’s a year later than expected, but he’s going to be there in probably one week. The other two are donations.

Hope all goes well.

a.shin.grace -

pez-dispenser! You’re right!! :roflhard:

Thank you for your responses, I was on the neck part and have just this morning started working on the cap. I did my neck ribbing just longer than the suggested 6", but should it be longer than that? I was discussing it with lady at work (she’s a crochetter) and she wants me to knit one for her future SIL who was just deployed. I’m really hoping to get this first one in the mail this weekend as I know it will take a while to get there.

When I was buying the yarn for my first, the LYS advised me to make the neck 7". Our family friend tried it on and was happy with it. Then I heard or read somewhere that 8-9" is better. Don’t see how I could get that much out of one Cascade 220 without sweating it out in the end. The last one is 7 3/4" and it fits well on our 5’ 10" (lean build) son with length to spare.

I’m sure that the soldier who wears the one you’re making will be happy with it - and grateful.

I have yarn for no 4. I like making them and would like to have one OTN all the time. Good TAL project. I also want to make 6x9" rectangles for The Homemade Afghans Project - HAP. They donate homemade afghans to our wounded soldiers. There’s a recent thread about it on this forum.

Have fun.

Does it have to be from sheep yarn? I know you can’t knit for the soldiers in acrylic, but can I use alpaca or some other animal fiber? I’m allergic to wool…any more than 25-30% wool in the yarn and I’ll be one great big red itch!!

Hmm. Good question. I’d e-mail them:

Web site:

Hope you can do one. I enjoy them.