Knitting a hat with straight needles

Anyone have a way to finish a hat on straight needles and make it neat? By neat, I mean is there a way to make the seam almost invisible, so you can’t see the seam?

How invisible a seam is depends on the type of yarn and the stitch pattern, together with the seaming method. On stockinette stitch, a seam made with mattress stitch, or woven seams, is virtually invisible.

You can knit just a rectangle (or use shaping for a more fitted hat), when you get to the top, run your yarn through all the stitches and pull tight. Leave a long tail and matress stitch the side seam up, which is invisible on the right side. You can top the hat off with a pompom if you want. :thumbsup:

What’s your favorite cast on for hats? I use longtail/cont. method and it seems a bit tight at the rim in a stockinette hat.

I use 2 needles of whatever size I’m knitting with to cast on. It looks loopy, but looks fine after blocking/washing. Some people use needles a couple of sizes larger and I assume some can just cast on loosely! Good luck.


Ah…that’s a nifty idea. What if you don’t block or wash the hat?