Knitting a hat! 2 questions

i have two questions.

the pattern calls for worsted, DK or any yarn held together in two strands to yield a gauge of 3 stitches/inch, and size 10.5 needles.

i’d really like to use lion brand wool-ease yarn, because of how thick and warm it is. it’s “super bulky weight”.

does anyone know how i would change the pattern from the smaller weight yarn to the thicker one? i’d imagine i’d have to get a bigger circular needle, but would i need to cast on less stitches?

two: it says to cast on 60 stitches onto a circular needle, then “join”. how do i do this?

here’s the pattern:

thank you very much!!

Knit a swatch and see if you get the right gauge. If you do then you’re all set and just use the needles suggested.

To join CO your stitches then with the working yarn on the right hand needle starting knitting from the other needle. The wrapping will connect the stitches.

i would knit up a swatch and see how my guage compared to the listed guage, whether you still get 3 per inch or more, which will determine your cast on number. You could try knitting up a swatch in the circ’s they recommend, and and a swatch on larger circs and go with the one that knits up closest to your expectations.

thanksss :muah:

You can also go to the Lion Brand website and see if they post any similar free patterns for that specific yarn. I found quite a few on their site that I like.

I agree with pp about knitting a swatch, I would wager a guess that you will need only one strand - not the two the pattern recommends.

Good Luck