Knitting a flat circle on straight needles?

Can anyone help with how to knit a flat circle on straight needles? I know this can be done as did this a while ago but seem to have lost the pattern. I know you have a seam to sew up at the end, which runs from the centre of the circle to the outside edge or vice versa.

Many thanks

Here’s a tutorial on how to knit a circle using DPNs:

thanks Antares,
Don’t have DPNs, but maybe look to get some.


You could do it with a series of decreases or increases and you could also do it with short rows. Here’s a few patterns that are for other things, but knit flat and seamed so you can get the basic idea.

Scroll down to view the pattern for the circlular blanket.


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Hi Jan,
Thanks for the links.


the post is over 2 years old, but still very helpful, so thanks for this!

i’m going to use it for my aunt S’s blanket, although i’ll end up doing KFB at 4 regular points so it ends up a rectangle. i think this method will help space out the color shifts on the boucle yarn.

i wanted something different for her than what i did for aunt C’s garter stitch purple behemoth.