Knitting a design into a cap

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I am knitting a skull cap but want to knit in the Houston Texans Logo…I have made my own graph of the logo, but don’t understand how the shape is going to form if in one square, the majority of the color is the main color, and only a small corner of the square is the beginning of the pattern
Texans Logo.doc (145 KB)…Can someone please explain how I should do this??


Simply stumped:shrug:

That type of colorwork is usually done with intarsia. That’s where you knit the main article flat (in this case the hat) and you have bobbins for all the separate colors. At the top of the page under the videos/advanced techniques you’ll see a video on how to do it.

I enlarged your chart by 500% to look at it. I know what you are talking about. Color charts always make things in stair steps and sometimes the automatic chart makers have some squares not all filled in. You just have to decide if that square would look better worked in the background color or the design color. You might choose to knit the stitch in the color that it is predominately, for instance if the square is mostly white with just a little corner of blue, make it white. If it is half or more blue make it blue. Half or more white make it white.

Your chart as it came up had a lot of squares. You would have to have a lot of stitches for that chart. The more squares the more detail you have and the less each stitch matters so much, when the stitches are big each one matters more, if you know what I mean. But you are making a hat here, and not a sweater. :lol:

THanks again for your answer…that was a great help in determining how it should be done. But the size of the chart is actually not that big…as I printed it, I only have 20 squares across the graph paper. I think what you are seeing is the pixelation of the drawing itself. I DEFINITELY don’t intend on using THOSE squares…lol…but then again, maybe I should and my design might come out better…hahaha…in any case…thank you soooo much for understanding my question and providing me with a great answer!!