Knitting a cowl


Hi all, I am relatively new to knitting. I am just starting a cowl in the round. The pattern calls for 120 stitches cast on. It’s a scroll stitch pattern. After doing three rows of straight knitting round 4 is to work 6 repeats of the scroll stitch pattern. The first round is yo, k8, k2tog. I am using markers as I go along. The only problem is that I have 11 stitches and not 10 in each section so when I get to the end I have 7 stitches left! I’ve ripped it out several times now and can’t seem to figure out where I am going wrong. Any ideas?


Welcome to KH!
You should have 10sts in each section. The yarn over doesn’t use a stitch. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it.
If you place markers every 10sts, you should be ok.


Do you have a picture of what you mean when you say bring the yarn to the front? I guess I am doing a yarn over incorrectly!


Here’s a video for bringing the yarn to the front and then over the right needle. The next stitch is a knit stitch but it’s not part of the yarn over itself. After the yo, the next stitch in your pattern is one of the k8.


Thanks so much! I knit Portuguese style so it makes it a little more complicated. I am sitting down right now to figure it out and make sure I’m doing it right.


My curiosity is piqued!!! Did you work it out ok?


Unfortunately no. There’s something weird about my yarn over. I get 11 stitches every time. I am going to pop into the knitting store and see if they’ll just help me a bit without charging me the $30…


The yarn over is going to temporarily increase the stitch count to 11 but the knit 2 together should decrease the stitches back to the original number, 10 per repeat. Sometimes it just takes someone watching while you work this to tell immediately what the problem is. Good luck with it. I know you’ll solve it.


I feel so stupid. The yo becomes 2 stitches. Then you knit 8 which makes 10 and then you knit two together. That makes 11 no?


The yarn over becomes one additional stitch, It’s just taking the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right hand needle to the back. No existing stitch is involved. When you complete the yarn over and the knit 8 you’ll have 9sts on the right needle. Then k2tog and you have 10sts.

Maybe this is easier to see:When she knits the next stitch, that stitch is not part of the yarn over. It’s the next part of whatever her pattern is.
If the yarn over is indeed the problem, it’s a common one. It’s not you. I couldn’t find a clear video for yo either.


Oh!!! Holy cow. I understand now!! That makes so much sense. I thought that the next knit stitch was part of the yo. But it’s a knit… Wow. Thanks so much! You’ve taken so much stress off me.I know that knitting is supposed to be relaxing but this was driving me batty!! Again. My thanks!!!