Knitting a bow knot scarf

Hi - I want to knit a bow knot scarf but how do I start knitting the second part on the stitch holder (for the loop) ? I guess I’m asking how I start knitting with a new piece of yarn not attached already
Please help- I’m really confused

Take another end of yarn and start knitting with it, leaving a tail long enough to be worked in later.

thanks suzee .
I was also wondering , could I knit with two strands and use one for each part? would that work?

You mean knit part of it with both strands, then separate them? That’s going to make some of it thicker than the other sections. Just knit with one strand, then drop it and take the other end of the skein or from the other ball and use it where you have to join the yarn in a different place.

Do you have a link to the pattern? It may be easier to explain it using the actual pattern. And it’s not as hard as you think - when you get to that point the sts will be on the needle and it’ll be easier to understand.

I could do that- I am using a bow knot scarf pattern from ravelry but I am just modifying it because I’m making a wrap .

ok- this bow knot thing is making me crazy! So, once I separate the stitches, what would happen if I knit back and forth between both needles and the same strand of yarn?? Would I still have the intended effect? ( loop?)
Because if it wont work, I’ll just knit tighter. I had already gotten past that part but had to try again because the stitches on the other needle were gigantic and I couldnt fix them. I really want this project to turn out well because someone is paying me to make it:knitting:

I think this is the pattern.
The idea of putting one half the sts onto a spare needle or stitch holder is so you can work the two pieces separately with different strands of yarn. If you work with a single strand of yarn, back and forth between the 2 sets of sts you’ll join them and you won’t get the slot between the 2 sets that you want.
Leave one half the sts on the holder and work 16 rows k1p1 rib on the first set of sts (call it the front set). Break the yarn, put the front set of sts on a holder and the back set of sts on a needle and start knitting 16 rows of k1p1 rib with the yarn end. Don’t break the yarn but now follow the directions for joining the two sets of sts.