Knitting a bonnet...have a doubt

I am knitting a baby bonnet. This is the link to the instructions:

I am confused with the second set of cast ons.
It says Cast on 12 sts at end of each of next two rows. (38 sts). How do I do this?

This is what I did… I did the in stockinette st for 3-1/2 inches ending with a purl row. Then on this purl row I did a knit cast on and added 12 stitches. Then I did an entire row of knit (now 26 stitches). At the end of this row i did another set of knit cast on where I cast on 12 stitches(for a total of 38 stitches)… Is this correct? Now one row of the cast on of 12 stitches is above the other and they r not on the same row… I hope I am not making a mistake…

What is the other wat to cast on the second set of 12 stitches??


You did that correctly, it’s the only way to do this. It won’t matter that one set is a row off from the other; when you BO stitches, the first set will be done first so that both sets of stitches will have the same number of rows on them. It just looks odd when you only have one row of one set and two on the other, but after a few more inches it won’t be so noticeable.

Thx !!!