Knitting 4 folks with allergies

I know lots of you out there have cats, do you knit for people with allergies and if so, how do you keep the cat dander out of what you’re knitting…
Or do you just use acrylic and wash it just before you gift it?

Thanks for the responses~


Washing removes dander and saliva so that shouldn’t be a problem except for those who are severely allergic. Then I guess maybe a washable yarn is best for sure.

I haven’t (to my knowledge) knitted for anyone with allergies, but to keep cat hair off my projects —PARTICULARLY baby blankies–I put yanr, neeedls and project in a little bag with a drawstring top. When I work on it the needles and project come out into my lap and the yarn stays in. Everything gets washed before being given.

(A few sharp words and a tap on the forehead have my kitten watching but not {for the most part} not reaching for my knitting)