Knitting 2 X 2 means......?

I know this is something I should know but what exactly is knitting 2 X 2? Is it 2 rows of K and then 2 rows of P?

Okay I was too quick with the how to question! I read a little bit farther along and I see now that it is KK PP on each row.
Glad I checked. Disregard the question. :blush::grimacing:

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Yes, 2x2 usually refers to k2 p2 ribbing. :slight_smile:

Yes, if I had read a few more lines I would have seen that. I’ve been working so long at trying to make a sock, I am losing touch with regular knitting! :sweat_smile:

Sometimes I lose touch with reality when I get into knitting. Just losing touch with regular knitting ain’t so bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Problem is, I was trying to hard to make a sock, it was taking me forever, then the thought of having to do it over again for the other foot was too much! So I decided to see if I remembered anything from what I’d learned BS (before socks!). A hooded cowl should get me back on track! :upside_down_face:

You don’t love socks??? OMG how can you say that!!! Blasphemy!


Socks are not for everyone. Ask Jan. She’ll tell you. I love knittting socks, some people love knitting hats, and you should love to knit whatever you want to love to knit. I’m particularly awful, I’m bistitual and play hooker sometimes too. I just finished a biggish crochet project.

I’m remembering that you have a sense of humor. I hope so.


Oh, I love socks, wearing them of course. And I’ve even just about learned Liat Gat’s tutorial with the magic loop. First sock I tried was way too big. I ditched it and now I’m almost done with one that will fit. But I will have to psyche myself up to get started on the second one. BTW I did learn the magic loop cast on! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I actually didn’t mind making socks, but I can’t wear them so that made them less fun. BTW…the BEST way to make socks for most of us who don’t do two at the same time on one long needle like @GrumpyGramma is to make two at a time on SEPARATE needles. In other words…if you start at the cuff cast on both on separate needles. Then alternate knitting cuffs till you get to the heel. Do each heel then do both insteps, then do both toes. VOILA! Two socks! :slight_smile:


I just came across a crochet piece I have to copy. Crochet Fox Paws.


Where did you find the crochet pattern for this? I can only find the pattern to be knitted. Since I do not knit, those patterns don’t help me. I have done a few crocheted ripple afghans but have never seen this pattern before.

I like this way, but need to figure out how to do toe up DK. I figure get them started passed the toe and slip them over alternating.

Mike, is this knitting 2 at a time, one inside the other? Can you continue like this for the heel?

Yes. Top down double knit is done to the bind off. To increase and decrease you have to rearrange the stitches. Unalternate to decrease, alternate after an increase.

Very impressive!

That’s the only reason I make them with DPNs instead of circulars :wink: (that and DPNs work as markers).

I don’t have a pattern for that but I have played around trying to copy it. That was a link in an email that I got. If this link works it will tell you a little about it. The decreases in between the “toes” are a bit tricky. Working downward on the first "toe"I picked up stitches as for Tunisian crochet and then worked them off one at time with a sc working back up on the other “toe.” It’s based on a sc ripple and I had to go run down info on that because it’s so long since I crocheted a ripple (chevron) pattern.
I know of one actual pattern for a scarf. I might get it one day but I think I’ll go with the knit Fox Paws first.


People who can do that amaze me. I’ll say that what you suggest sounds like it should work but I won’t even try. I have to stick with magic loop and two totally separate socks on one long needle.

I’m in awe.

At first I thought “on one long needle” meant you did knit one slip one tube knitting for socks, one long straight needle :scream: I did that for the cuff and leg but lost interest before I got to the heel. I think if you like double knitting, socks are easy with knit facing towards on both. But in a hat if you accidentally link sides you can ignore it, obviously not with socks.