Knitters' Review: Knit Picks Interchangeables

For the many of you who are interested in the new KP Interchangeables, Clara from Knitters’ Review has posted her review of them:

Thanks for posting the link. I’ve been soooooo curious!

Thanks for that link…I’m still debating over whether or not I should get them. I’m pretty happy with my Denise set and don’t really see a justification for buying them right now.

I did buy some dpns in sizes 1 and 0 and they’re great.

Thanks for posting that link FG - what great information!

Cool! Thanks for the link. Still tempted but holding out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.

I have bought way too many needles. If I buy the optional then I am one step away from going to mental hospital. So I have to read only the “drawbacks” part of the review :wink:

I just read the whole thing…the one thing I don’t like it that you can’t join the cables like you can with the denise to make a custom length. Also I could see where the really pointy tips could occasionally be a problem but also a great benefit depending on what you’re knitting. Other than those things, they seem pretty great…although I have to admit I’m still very devoted do Denise. Wish they could do the smaller sizes!

I read it, too…have already ordered the set (hope it’s here today :smiley: ). My concern is that they don’t have the size on the needles, although I did buy the tags that go on the needles when in use…I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the unknown needle size and storage…probably put size 4 in one of the compartments in the case, then another size in another compartment, etc…and put the size on the outside of the page. This means I’m sure that I will have to order more filler pages…which I will do when I order the dpns or smaller circs :wink:

Hi all. My order of the new Knitpicks DPNs and a set of size 7 needles came today. I was extremely pleased with the basic packaging and how they felt.

I knitted a swatch with the DPN’s and was QUITE pleased. They’re like Addi DPN’s, if Skacel had been smart enough to do so. The circs seem to be an excellent value for the money.

All in all, I agree with Clara’s review. Then again, I’m a huge Clara fan!

Your patience, as Clara noted, will be well rewarded. Perhaps I’m the only person in the world who feels this way, but I personally can’t stand Denise’s. I feel the cable is way too thick, and the needles very slow moving. I’m an Addi devotee.

KP did excellent R&D on these needles, and I would highly recommend them. And I’m a huge yarn and needle snob, mind you. Any questions about my experience with the needles, feel free to PM me. I’ll post the yarn and needle porn later.


I have had the needles for about a week now and I just love them. I moved a lace shawl from my much loved and used Denise needles. What a difference. I never realized how much drag there was on the Denise needles until I used the KP needles on the same project. I’ve tried the KPs on several projects and they have been great on all of them. They are so smooth, the joins are non-existant, and the tips are incredible.

I still love my Denise needles and am sure they will always have a place in my knitting, but the KPs are certainly fast becoming my needle of choice.

I even notice an improvement in a project I moved from size 3 Addis to the size 3 KP circular. Just works up smoother and faster.

Oh, the little number tags are to tag projects that you have removed the needle points from and are still using the cable more as a stitch holder. It is to help you remeber the needle size. I think it would be in the way if you kept it on the needles while working - personal opinion only.

i am a huge fan of pointy, sharp needles so i ordered these on monday

i cannot wait to get them!