Knitter's Paint Box

This has probably already been talked about on the forum, but I just found it for the first time.

You can color different knitting designs on your computer screen to get an idea of color selection for your next project!

Here’s one I colored:

Oh how exciting I have never seen this before. I can see me spending several hours playing with this :teehee:

Thanks for sharing this its great :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

Sounds like fun, but I just tryed it and my computer crashed :pout: :verysad:

Nadja xxx

Aww! I’m sorry Nadja! I had no trouble with it on my computer, and I played with it for about an hour last night.

Maybe it’s just not compatible with your system.

I have Windows XP on my computer. Good luck to you!

Here are a couple more I’ve done. Apparently, I’m drawn to fall colors!

I think I’m addicted! :teehee:

That’s just cool…lol, I know that if I get started playing with that I’ll be at it for a long time, then I’m gonna have to go get the books! Although, I have always wanted the Market Square Bag…what book is that in? Knitter’s Dozen bags?


I will have to try this soon… t
thanks for sharing…!!

You got it. It comes from Knitter’s Dozen.