Knitters in Northern California

HI to you all!
I’M new and embarrassed that I don’t yet understand blogging. I wrote Jan and asked some dumb questions but I figure I will try this and see how it goes. And I will wait for her answers at some point. :thumbsup:
I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 11 or 12, about 45 years or so. I started with doilies and socks. No more doilies because I wear glasses now and still can’t see the thread well. I wore those socks for years though.
I taught myself after a try at lessons at a local knit shop. My first try there was a sweater knitted with mohair and circulars. Well it was all the craze in the early 60’s. The owner let me trade in that yarn for another wool. I still had that stuff for years after I actually learned :roll: .
I am addicted to yarn. I have boxes and boxes of stash. I just can’t hardly say no to any beautiful yarn.
These days I knit for my grandkids and some for my adult kids. I usually knit at least 2 sweaters every fall for the kids each. They ALWAYS have to have a hooded sweatshirt type with a kangaroo pocket in fron. I am SOOOO tired of that pattern but it is an easy from the top down and all-in-one-piece.
Years ago I discovered circulars for real and have converted ALL my patterns to circular with no or as few seams as possible. I have 3 sets of circulars, 2 Boyes and one Susan Bates (I think). And, of course, all the DPNs in all sizes to go with.
The circulars are great now that I have arthritis. My elbows used to get tired and hurt. Hurray for circulars! :yay:
I knit starting in October until it gets too hot. (Red Bluff gets over 110 in the summer.) Then I read and take the grandkids to the library all summer. This past summer the two oldest, 5 and 7, read 110 books. They each got 3 Round Table Pizzas, 1 for each 20 books, to a maximum of three pizzas.
Well, this was sort of fun, though I don’t know how all you knitters find time for blogging AND knitting! :knitting: Well, I’m going back to the knitting pile. I have 2 sweaters OTN and a few scarves and of course many projects waiting in the wings.

If there are any knitters in real Northern CA (north of Sacramento) let me know. I just can’t seem to include San Francisco in N CA tho Sacramento counts! :thumbsup:

Sharon, the kntting GMA

There are no stupid questions…we all had to learn sometime!

Letah and jcmom both list themselves as Northern CA, but I’m not sure where they are and I’m sure there are probably more. Just check back occasionally or subscribe to this thread. It may take awhile for someone to see it.

Thanks Jan,
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Just like I told you in the PM - If you forget to subscribe till after you’ve posted then you go back to the first post made in the thread and click edit then advanced edit and scroll down. See screenshot. It looks like you already did since it says “instant email notification”.

  I went and changed my signature  but it still says sorantes123 and not, Sharon, the knitting GMA.

so, now what???

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Hi Sharon,
I just thought I’d say hello – I’m not as far north as Red Bluff, I live near Folsom, but I know how hot it gets up there! Down here we’re lucky enough to get the occasional sea breeze in the summer to relieve the heat.

And I know what you mean about yarn addiction! I have to try to discipline myself to stay away from the auctions on Ebay; my small work room is piled high with all sorts of yarn I bought there over the last few months. And I’m such a slow knitter that I’ve probably already achieved SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)!

Welcome to KH, it’s a great place to hang out! :thumbsup:


Thanks for saying hi. I have been to Folsom a few times. Its really quite a pretty “old town”. Like Old Sac but more of it! I got my Drug/Alcohol Counseling Certificate from a school near Folsom. So a few years back Itraveled there every weekend. Stayed with the cousin of a friend in the class who lived in El Dorado HIlls. I wouldn’t be able to find my way back there if I were paid.
So what are you knitting these days? I have lots of things started. Two from the top down sweaters, a scarf, a set of slippers for an elderly friend and I may make some for myself. I never think of myself when its time to knit.
And I think we are alike. I had never heard of SABLE…but I KNOW I have acheived that status. :slight_smile: I worked with computers for years but am sadly lacking in forum and blogging skills! I dont know what the abbreviations mean. DH has something to do with the husband, but what does it exactly mean?
Thanks again for the note.
Sharon, the Knitting GMA


I live in Petaluma, and it is alright being here. I am originally from Chicago though.

The internet is a confusing thing, I still don’t understand all these abbreviations and I am 21. DH means I think, darling husband, but can be used to describe anyone really, DS (son), DD(daughter)…and so on.

Where is Red Bluff? It sounds like some sort of mountainous area, pretty.

Right now, I am knitting baby items, mostly small socks or sweaters but I seem to run out of ideas or patterns, so if you have any free patterns to share please do!! I think my favorite baby item to knit is socks since they are so fast and super cute.

Red Bluff is about 2 hours north of Sacramento on I-5. We are in the middle of the Sacramento Valley between two mountain ranges. So it is moderate to cold in the winter and VERY HOT (100-118) in the summer. It got it’s name from the red dirt here. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the steamship lines came as far north as Red Bluff but could go no further on the Sacramento River because of the dangerous currents. There were high bluffs here above the river and were of course, red. Most people who were traveling north would stop here, buy horses, wagons, and goods and travel on to their destinations. Later, when dams, etc were put in the ships could no longer reach this spot on the river.
We used to have a wonderful LYS here but not any more. :cry: :cry: We have to travel to either Chico or Redding, both between 30 min and 1 hour away. We have WalMart, but what good is Wallyworld when you want nice yarn for something special?!
Where is Petaluma exactly? I have heard of it but never been there. An ex had and Aunt & Uncle who lived there about 30 years ago. Thats all I know…not much! :oops:

Red Bluff sure sounds pretty. Petaluma is about an hour from San Francisco I think. I don’t know anything about the area but it is okay. All I see and smell are cows and deer. Where I live is more farm area, but downtown Petaluma is nice. I lived in a small town in Ohio before coming here which was so small. I do miss living in Chicago though, there were so many places to go and it was much easier to travel and shop.

I wish I could visit Red Bluff, you gave such a good description/history of the place. Maybe I will see it someday.

I don’t usually shop at yarn store seeing as I have a hard time spending a lot of money. If I want to buy wool yarn then I use, but usually I use acrylics so I go to Michaels and use either Caron Simply Soft or Caron Perfect Match. I would love to buy luxury yarn but I just couldn’t bring myself to it. But knitpicks is as good as I get and I really do enjoy their yarn.

Hi again, Petaluma sounds nice and peaceful. Red Bluff is a rural area too, with farms, orchards, and ranches. Eight miles south is Corning, the olive capital of the world. Most of all the brand names that you buy in the store are all canned at the same factory. So whichever you buy, the cheapest or most expensive, size, store brand or others, etc. are [U][I]ALL[/I][/U] :wink: the same olives. My SIL works there so we get lots of oilves, dented cans, etc. So naturally, olives are one of the main crops here. Logging used to be the main industry here, but enveronmental groups, the spotted owl, etal, have put most of the mills and people out of commission and work. I would LOVE to live near somwhere like Chicago to shop, especially for yarn. I use the internet a lot. I use KnitPicks on occasion, but I also use [U] and[/U] At Smileys you can find name brand yarns at the lowest price guaranteed in the US. There are different ones all the time as well as some that are there all the time. I tried to put in links to them but it didnt work so you’ll have to type them in to get to them. It’s nice talking with you!

Hi again,
I will go through my patterns and see what I have. For a while there all I was knitting were baby items but thank GOD my daughter has quit having babies! :woohoo: :wink: They are now 7, 5, 4, and almost 3. When the oldest was 5, she had all of them under 5…that was an ordeal. At least they are getting older now …Javier will be 8 on Dec 31, Emilia will be 6 on Nov 26. Esperanza will be 5 on January 7, and Joseluis will be 3 on Nov 15. The last one is almost out of diapers completely. :happydance: Anyway, I will take a look. These days I am knitting mostly sweaters with hoods and kangaroo pockets in front. Thats what the grands like and always want. I am also making scarves to sell this month to offset the cost of may yarn stash, tee hee. :shrug: I just can’t stop buying yarn. I have enough to sell on ebay probably and should I suppose.
If I find patterns, how would you like me to send them to you? Snail mail, email, etc. Let me know.

Hi Sharon,

I am just a little north of CA, in Lakeview, OR, but lived in Red Bluff for many years. I know what you are talking about when you mention heat there. When I lived there, I used to plant glads in a front planter. They would bloom at about 6 am, but by 10 am they would be fried from the sun. I didn’t have a tree shading the back patio, and the temp coming in the sliding doors would more often than not be 130 degrees. I did enjoy living there though, and still have friends that I visit in Redding.

I have seven grandchildren that I knit for, and am really enjoying working on a baby sweater set for the newest granddaughter right now. I am also working on a mini pancho, and hat to match from Drops, for my gd that lives in Wisconsin. I am hoping I can get it done before Christmas. Sometimes, I feel like I need an extra set of knitting fingers! :smiley:

Have you tried the new Option needles from Knit Picks? I totally love them! I have most of the smaller sizes, and one or two sets of the larger sizes, but most of my knitting seems to be with the smaller size needles, and dk or fingering size yarns. Although I just finished a Drops Bolero, and hat that I knitted in Bamboo, Cotton, and elastic yarn from Crystal Palace, called Bamboozle. That was quite an interesting experience… you just bounce from one stitch to the next. Fun stuff!

Here is a link to some of the things I have finished recently. They are in the “Grandma’s Knits” album. OH yes, the Nordic Knit sweater I did for my husband is knitted from Knit Picks yarn. I loved working with it.


Those were adorable baby things and of course, baby too! I have been to Lakeview once about 20 years back. Those white clouds started arriving and we just barely made it out of there before it snowed us in! My girlfriend and I went up there with a couple of guys we knew that lived here in RB. They wanted to visit with a fellow they knew there that had also lived here in RB. Don’t remember who we visited. We rode up there with John and Delbert Hulseman, cousins, both dead now though. Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if it was your house that we went to!? Probably not tho. All I remember is that it was COLD that day! I love knitting for my grandkids. They appreciate the things that I make. Their mom doesn’t treat them well so I always make them washable. I haven’t tried those new needles. They sound great. I have three sets of circulars but they start at 3 so I have to use others if I am using smaller yarn. I may have to try them. NIce talking with you Fran. Hope to see the new outfit when its done. :slight_smile:

My name is Lee and I live in Eureka, the [I]real [/I]Northern California, about 80 miles from the Oregon border! Glad to see knitters up in the Northern part of California!:woohoo:

Hi Lee, Yes you are truly in the REAL Northern CAlifornia .:woohoo: I havent been to Eureka in a long time but had a great time fishing from the beach there about 35 years ago or so. We camped at Patricks Point, if I remember correctly. The DHs caught fish late in the evening and we cooked them but were scared to do so! They were a beautiful blue-green inside. While cooking the meat turned white, thank heavens! :aww: Apparently they had been eating algae or something like that. But they tasted great. I was brave back in my 20s.:wink: I am glad to know also that there are still knitters here. I was beginning to feel that is was becoming a lost art. But I am being assured with KF that it is alive and well.:cheering: Again its good to hear from another Nor CAl knitter.

Hope I am not too late I was browsing the site and found that you are in Red Bluff. I am also in Red Bluff and was interested in finding other knitters in the area maybe start a knit night??

That would be a lot of fun. I only know one other person who knits here in Red Bluff. She teaches knitting on occasion. I don’t know if she would be interested but it is a possibility. Send me a PM and maybe we can get together. Also, Kathy in Paynes Creek was also looking for a group. She is on Ravelry. I am “knitting4angels” on Ravelry. I don’t know is she is on this site. Maybe we can get a group started. I don’t have a large enough home to do it here but who knows what might happen. It’s nice to know there are others here in RB who still actually knit. (or crochet for that matter). :wink:

Hi ,
I am in red bluff hope to hear from you perhaps we could meet up at the coffee shop or mcdonalds.

Hi Chris, I am taking my DH to the doctor today. He is off work with a work comp injury so I can’t do anything today plus we’re cleaning up the limbs down in our yard from the 67 MPH winds. Hope you didn’t get any damage where you’re at. We are in the Antelope area very close to center of town. Give me a call 9-1357 tonight or tomorrow. Sharon