Knitter's Geek Code

I just discovered this…

It’s a (geeky) code that tells you all about what kind of knitter a person is. For instance, the first three letters tell you how a person Knits (Continental? English? Right handed? Left handed? Both?), and the following +'s convey how into knitting they are (up to three +'s). The other code talks about what kinds of needles, yarns, and knitting styles they prefer, dislike, don’t understand, or refuse to try! And more. There is an amazing amount of info conveyed in this code, and it’s simple to read once you’ve gone through it and created code for yourself.

I’d love to see what all of your code looks like!!! :slight_smile:


(Click the link below for more info)

Here’s my geek code to help get the ball rolling.

Yes, this is the Jacquie that you emailed on this topic - great web site :smiley:

Thanks Jacquie!

Hey everyone, Jacquie’s the gal that told me what Knitter’s Geek Code was, and sent me to that site!


Okay … did I do this right?

Here goes:



That looks right to me, ekgheiy! It’s great to learn more about you!

What does the !Lux* stand for? Too expensive? How about the Scale++* and the FO*? (Those asterisks make me curious!) That’s cool that you make money on your knitting. How do you sell your work?

I have used wood DPN’s in the past, and liked them because they don’t fall out of the work, but now they’re starting to aggravate me because they definitely slow me down compared to my metal needles. (So I may soon change my code to !Wood as well!) :wink:

I see you’re a fellow Boye lover. :slight_smile: Do you have a newer set? The cables look nice and flexible on the newer sets, compared to the older set I have.

Amy, you have it right on the money … pun intended :slight_smile: If I had the money, I would love to try Lux, but as I stand !Lux* … cannot afford :frowning:

Scale++*: The description on the website listed sweater as the main focuse, but my main focus is afghans instead of sweaters. I’ve actually only made one sweater thus far and I’m working on my second. :smiley:

FO*: I don’t know how many finished projects I have :frowning: Is FO* the right way to indicate that?

I’ve sold only two items thus far - a scarf and an afghan. (I severely undercharged to for the afghan :frowning: … but I’m learning.). Both items were sold to a former co-worker. I made a scarf for her while we worked together; she came back several months after she quit and bought the afghan that I’d just completed at the time. Beyond her, the goings are slow because I haven’t found a solid way to sell. I KIP a lot and had the opportunity to pass out cards, but no one has called [u]yet [/u] :wink: There are also some specialty stores around town that buy knitted items from people and put them for sale in their shops. I presented a baby blanket to them one weekend; they were thrilled because the blanket would go nicely with the other items for sale in their baby department. BUT … they wouldn’t consider paying any more than $30. Huh? :o I don’t think so … Anyhooo … long story short, I’m still looking for a solid way to sell. Any suggestions?

I didn’t buy the needle master; must save for that. (Or put it on my xmas list for the family :wink: ) teehee. My Boye collection is slowly building. I did like Susan Bates, but not anymore. They started coating their needles with something different (maybe Teflon?) and I loath the sound that they make while knitting - that gritty, nails-on-chalkboard sound … ew, yuk! :x. I have two pair of Addis and adore them; but they are a bit pricy, so it will take me a while to build a collection of those.

I’ve never sold anything myself, I’ve always knit items for specific friends and family (and, ocassionally, for myself!) The ways that I’ve seen things for sale have been: on consignment in a small yarn shop; a small display in a family owned doughnut shop, of all places!; and craft fairs (pre-holiday ones are great sellers, I would think!).

My favorite DPN’s are my colored metal ones. I have a few pairs that I got ages ago, and I have no idea who made them (Susan Bates?..if you think you know, please tell me!) That’s dissappointing that Susan Bates changed their needles–the chalk-board sound sounds intolerable! I’ve been recently looking to replace my bamboo and wooden DPN’s with more colored metal ones, but I can’t find them anywhere!

I don’t know how many finished objects I’ve made, either. I think the idea is you just rate yourself compared to other knitters, based on a guess. You don’t have to put an actual number or anything, just a range up to +++. If you still feel uncertain you could put FO(++?). I should probably have done that for my SPM, because I’m really not sure how fast I am compared to other knitters. I’ve never watched a speed contest or anything, so I can’t imagine how fast they might go!

For the Lux, you could also put !Lux($). I don’t know if that follows the official rules, but it’s pretty clear to me!

I didn’t know what ML (Magic Loop) was on 1 needle. I’ve heard of knitting socks on 2 circular needles, but not one. I just did a little internet research. Here’s how you can knit ML with one needle.


I’m new here but found this geek malarky to be fun so here’s mine:

KCmR++ Exp++ SPM++ Steel++ Wood++ Bam++ Pl-- Syn Nov Cot+++ Wool+++ Lux+ Stash++ Scale++ Fin Ent++ FI++ Int- Tex++ Lace+ Felt-- Flat+ Circ+ DPN+ ML- Swatch@ KIP+ Blog- SNB- EZ- FO++ WIP++ DK+++ Aran++ Alt=Cr

I change it a bit - put in Aran instead of Worsted to fit with British yarn types. That’s ok, isn’t it?


Welcome, Sharon! :slight_smile:

It’s great to read your code and find out more about you! It’s nice to commisserate with another Wood and Bamboo user. Most of my DPN’s are wood and bamboo. I love how they stay in the yarn, instead of falling to the floor like aluminum DPNs!

My first thought when I saw the “Aran,” was that you were into Aran knitting; you know: cable patterns and natural white yarn! LOL Shows how much I know. I didn’t know it was a yarn weight class in England! But of course, you did put it in the spot where yarn weight goes… Maybe if you put Gauge= in front of it, it’ll be more obvious to us US knitters! (I don’t know if Gauge= is “supposed” to be included in the pattern. I thought it was, so I included it in mine. In any case, it could work well for you!)


Here’s my attempt at Geek Code:

KCR Exp+++ SPM++ W++ Addi+ Bam+++ Pl+++ Cas+++ Syn- Nov- Cot-Wool+++ Lux+++ Hemp++ Stash++ Scale+++ Fin+ Ent+ Lace+++ Flat+++ Circ++ DPN5+++ Swatch- FO++ WIP+++ F+++ S+++ DK+++ W++ B+

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