Knitter's Elbow?!

I’ve started having moderate to severe pain in my right elbow. I knit English, and can’t think think of anything other than knitting that could be the cause. Has anyone experienced this, and do you have any suggestions? Giving up knitting is just NOT an option. I pay attention to my posture and stand up to stretch, though not as often as I might need to. TIA.

It would likely be the same as tennis elbow or tendonitis. Take breaks, stretch out your arms and rub out the tight or tender spots on your arms in the muscles just above and below your elbow.

Hell’s Teeth!

We all seem to be in the wars here. :cry::sad: I’ve just written a thread on Cara’s post ‘My hand is numb - help’.

As I mentioned, I’ve got problems with the ulna nerve which runs behind the elbow, although the swelling from it is on the inside of my arm right at the end of the joint.

I think anyone on KH who has pain the their arms, hands or shoulders would be better getting the problem checked out by a doctor. As Cara said, things like this should be nipped in the bud if possible. It could help prevent needing a ton of cure down the road.

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I would also recommend that you see your doc. I had/have tennis elbow from years ago. The doc thought it was from tennis or my briefcase. I gave up both, but occasionally have pain. About 10 years ago, my family doc (also specialist in sports medicine) gave me a “support” to use when I have discomfort and it really helps, i.e., painfree.

Good luck.

Yes, do go read the suggestions over on

If you try some of these things and it clears up in a few days to a week, then you’ll be fine. If it persists longer than a week even doing stretches, massaging and giving it a rest, then go to a doctor. Mostly it’s just caused by overuse.

Thanks all. I have an apointment wcheduled with the doctor, but it is a while away.

Limey, I read all the replies to Cara; in fact, that is what inspired me to start this thread.

cmk, what type of support did yur doctor give you?

Ask your doctor for a referral to an Occupational Therapist! See the thread I posted about this in regards to numbness. It saved my hands and I can knit again!

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Tennis elbow, or knitting elbow is caused by repetitive motion. If you take regular breaks during your knitting, that should also help the problem. I get the shooting pains all the time when I am knitting. My doctor ordered me to get an item called an Aircast (small band that velcros on in the area you need it, with a plastic pouch filled with air that pushes down on the ulna nerve and moves it over so it is not being irritated by the repetitive motion of the knitting). You can get it at most medical supply places. I got mine at a Shopper’s Drug Mart Medical Supply store. I am in Canada so I am not sure where you would buy it where you are. You put it on just below the elbow while knitting and it relieves the stress from the repetitive motion. Have the store show you how to use it or ask your doctor about it when you go. Good luck to you!

I’m sorry I don’t know your name but THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting that thread. The only thing that’s been mentioned to me so far is a wrist support for when I’m typing.

I don’t know if the doctor or local hospital (where I’m still waiting to have physiotherapy) supplies these aircast bands but I’m not too fussed - I’ll get one anyway - sounds just the sort of thing I need.

Many thanks again - much appreciated!:hug:

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Limey, I just googled Aircast and found several sources online. I only looked at one and the cost was $18.00. I plan to put my order in today.

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Thanks Losnana

I did find a couple of places online in the UK but it would be great to know how you get on with the cast - please keep us posted.

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Nope…got knitter’s shoulder:doh:

Didn’t know what it was until yesterday. It was really starting to bother me, kinda pops and grinds when I rotate my shoulder. I had my mom put her hand there to see if she could feel it…SHE LAUGHED AT ME…She told me that she has the same problem and has for years. It’s from knitting:tap:

I wish she’d quit giving me stuff:nails:

Run to your local massage therapist or someone who does Active Release Techniques! They can reduce muscle tension, break up ahesions, and show you exactly which stretches to be doing. Plus, they can help speed healing time! Better to get the problem treated than to just mask the pain with aspirin, etc. You should at least be stretching all arm muscles, your pecs, and your neck.

Here’s a book to check out either at your library or a book store - - it has stretches for the neck, arms and shoulders.

someone could make a killing opening up a medical clinic specifially for knitting-related injuries. :wink:

Well, I didn’t order the Armcast yet, because my doctor’s appointment was changed to next week. Until then I’ll do more stretching and resting. I’ll let you know what he says, but I think I’ll probably buy the cast regardless.

Hi Julie,

The Aircast sounds like the support the doctor gave me. I was surprised that it worked! Good luck.


someone could make a killing opening up a medical clinic specifially for knitting-related injuries. :wink:

I have thought of opening a massage practice that was pain-relief oriented - tedonitis, TMJ, headache, back pain - and general relaxation. One of these days…

Well, I finally got to my doctor, who referred me to the orthopedist, who did X-Rays, and sent me to the physicla therapist. My problem isn’t in my elbow, after all. It start in my hip, which is slightly higher than the other one. this causes my shoulder blade to pinch a nerve there, which is affecting my elbow! Who knew? At least there was no mention that I was spending too much time knitting. The therapy is starting to help a lot.

Ahhh, yep, if the hip is off, that throws your spine off and the neck and upper body tries to compensate which can put pressure on your nerves. Hope you get some relief soon!