Knitter's elbow?!?! Ouch! Help!

There are probably posts about this somewhere, but is there a “knitter’s elbow” or something?! It just started hurting all of a sudden and I can’t think of what else would do that… ACK!!!

I was having a lot of pain on the left side of my face and then realized that I lean my head on my fist when I’m on the computer. :wall:

Are you certain that you aren’t doing something that you don’t notice?(grammar? sorry.)

And my next question is: are you using straight needles or circs?

Kisses for your booboo, whatever it is! :muah:

i’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately, but also work on a computer full-time and when i was laid up with my leg, balanced a laptop in my lap as well… i have been using mostly circulars lately, very little straights… it’s only in my right elbow… when i hold my arm out straight, the pain is worst upon bending it back in… i have a doc appointment soon anyway, i’ll check with him if it’s still bothering me… i couldn’t help but wonder if there was a knitter’s eblow. :wink:

My elbow will hurt too. I didn’t realize I moved my elbow as much as I do when I knit. I’m a thrower not conti. That has a lot to do with it. And alas I also have CT. So, I’ve had to cut back on my knitting… :pout: No more knitting socks in one day for me…

I’ve got a PC techie job too and I’m blaming it for everything. No way my knitting would ever hurt me…

I developed tennis elbow several years ago. Switching to an ergonmic keyboard took care of the problem.

My wrist started to bother me a couple of years ago, when I was knitting and using my mouse a lot. Using a higher than normal wrist pad for my mouse hand took care of that. I also use a desk chair that will slant forward, this keeps my spine more inline and helps avoid other problems.

Mama Bear

I get that too, but only if I’ve been knitting for hours on end. I think I just have bad posture (laying on the couch)

I knit continental, and get it in my left arm.

Me too! My wrist used to bother me when I used my mouse a lot (which is all the time with my job), but a little extra padding to support the wrist eliminated the problem. Maybe you could try knitting in a slightly different position and see whether that helps. It’s amazing how the smallest change can make a big difference.

Pain in the elbow may come from having it bent all the time for knitting. That can shorten up the muscles and tendons in the upper arm and cause pain when you straighten out the elbow. Just try not to knit for long periods of time, take breaks, stretching out your arm and all the muscles, and massaging the upper arm, paying attention to any tight or tender spots.