Knitters Aren't the Only Ones with A "Stash"

Train Stach: On a trip to CA I met this group of model trains guys on a train pilgramage. Not the little one you can run around a Christmas tree and the basesment, but the big kind that are knee high. They called them garden scale.

As I listen to them talk . . . they kept saying they couldn’t tell their wives about how many they had. I asked why . . . and they said you never admit to how many train cars you have. They also told me how they hide them out at the train park in converted RR cars, so the wives would find out how many they truely have.

Kind of reminded me of my yarn stash . . .but theirs was trains.

How the heck do you hide that kind of purchase? :?? Yarn you can kinda hide, but a grand scale train car? Seriously?


that is so cute. My Husband is a BC railroader of 40 years, you can’t get much past him. My stashes (yarn & Fabric) however are just a stock pile for retirement. We all do it. Bless’m all. I really like your story, Thanks.

They told me they hide them in old rail road cars or RR containers that they put building fronts on them. They also lay track up to the car to easily move them. These guys told me that keep their trains at a place called a train park. They have 20 acres with track and little cities. They go out on weekends and drive the trains around on it. Some cars you can ride in and others do “work”. That means they have orders to deliver pretend goods here and there. They also told me that they usually spend 2,000 per car. One guy admitted to have 30+ cars hide in various spots.

That would purchase a whole lot of yarn.

Also imagine a yarn stash container the size of an old RR car.

good gravy! 30 x $2000??

Lol, I have a horse and horse people are the same. Some women even have horses their husband’s don’t know about! The joke is that as long as they are all the same color, the husband won’t be able to tell when you get a new one.

I know that sewers have stashes too; just can’t pass up a good fabric sale. Large scale model trains though… that’s something new.

My aunt has a fat quarter stash. She likes to make quilts- mostly small wall hanging type. She has the organized by color going all the way around the room and into the closet. It’s so pretty! If only I could do that with my yarn!!!