Knitterati Afghan block 12 cascade yarns

I I am doing block 12 and the instructions tell me to cast on 36 stitches and then they tell me to do Round one through 15 and repeat it three times more I do that and then it tells me to start round one again through 15 do I cast on again 36 stitchcast off the previous ones that I made? I’m confused it doesn’t give me any more information

You began with a cast on followed by rows 1-15. Rows 1-15 are repeated 4 times total. Now the pattern wants you to repeat rows 1-15 again. Just repeat those rows, no need for a cast on row.

Pretty entrelac pattern.

Yes, it is very pretty. I am making the Great American Aran Afghan and using the squares I like and throwing in others not in the pattern… but it seems we all have our favorites. I might just have a go at this block though.