Knitter Statue in Dallas, TX

OK, who else wants to go see this statue of a knitter?

My dream would be to get a bunch of us together, and take a photo of us all knitting with her. :teehee:

That is cool! Where is that in Dallas? My husband is from there and I’ve been several times and never heard of this lady! I will have to find her next time we visit!!

Kinda cool, but why does it have to be an old lady? Totally reinforces the whole “only old ladies knit” stereotype. Hmph. Or maybe I’m just feeling sensitive since I turned 30. :teehee:

I guess one of these days , I will have to go to Dallas and see that.
Except I hate driving in Dallas. Maybe I will take the bus or train.

on the blog it says The knitter statue is near the corner of Ross and Olive street near the Dallas Museum of Art downtown.

On the cruise ship Zuiderdam (Holland America), in the theater, there were two statues. One was a construction worker eating a sandwich from his lunch box and the other was a lady knitting. I have a picture of it (just not with me). It’s all white (like bisque), and while I couldn’t get too close (it’s up above) it looked really cool. I had only been knitting a few months, so it really spoke to me! I’ll try to find the picture and post it!

This is so neat. I lived in Dallas for years and never saw this. Of course, I avoided downtown like the plague and when I did go down there I was extremely focused on not going the wrong way down all the one way streets!

I have to go see this and knit with her. I’m in Fort Worth, only 30 miles from Dallas. Anyone else want to go?

If you guys do this, you HAVE to share a picture with us :slight_smile:

That would be such fun. I’m in OKC, though so it would mean leaving kids at home for the day. I’m not sure if the hubs would think a knitting statue is a justifiable reason for him to be tortured all day.


Yeah, and when you go there, don’t forget to take your own chairs, cause that knitter is taking up the whole dang bench! :teehee: