Knitted vest - picking up second strap, no working yarn

Hi there,

I’m currently knitting a vest where you work one strap at a time. I’ve cast off one strap and left the start of the other (14 stitches) on my needles. I cut the yarn off of the cast off strap however I now need to work the other strap. I’m really not sure how to pick this back up with no working yarn? Please can someone assist!! The picture should make things clearer.

Thanks in advance!

Looks good!
You’ll have to attach a new end of yarn. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later. You can hold the tail alongside the left hand needle and start knitting or purling according to the pattern directions. Don’t worry that the first couple of sts are a bit loose. You can snug them up later by pulling on the yarn tail.

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Thank you so much! This was super helpful :blush: