Knitted Toy patterns

[B] Hi my name is Jacqui, I am a New Zealand lady living in Kentucky USA for the past 5years,when I lived in New Zealand I had 100s of beautiful Knitting patterns I had gathered up over the years probably since I was a kid,I have knitted since I was 7years old,so consider myself very experienced,since being in Kentucky I have not really done too much of my knitting over the years my hands were never without my needles and wool.:knitting:
I bought some beautiful New Zealand wool on one of my visits and knitted my husband a beautiful Aran knit sweater which he just loves.:happydance:
Now the Winter is almost with us again,I have got the urge to start knitting again,but sadly,I had to give all my beautiful patterns away when I left New Zealand, plus all my needles etc etc,I loved knitting picture knitting for my Grandchildren, plus little toys, I always got the English Womens weekly because of the beautiful Knitting patterns,very often picture knitting as well as toy knitting especially the beatrix potter ones…I knitted several of those,can someone tell me where I can get some of those lovely patterns for me once again get my fingers working again,maybe someone has some and maybe able to email to me.Incidently last week I placed an Advertisment in our little town Newspaper for people wanting to learn to knit, I have received a few calls, and am waiting to work out times etc, so my expertise knitting skills I have achieved since a 7yr old can hopefully get another generation interested to learn to knit,I would make all my dollies clothes as a little girl,my daughter in New Zealand has got a couple of large bags of beautiful baby clothing I knitted for her baby,she will keep them forever she told me,and maybe for her Grandchildren,I even knitted the coat hangers for each little outfit I knitted,anyways if anyone can help me re those patterns,or if someone would like to pick my brain for anything,I am here in Kentucky. Thank you for having this site, I think I am going to enjoy myself here. Arohanui Jacqui:knitting:

I’m sorry to hear that you had to give all your patterns away… maybe as you start to build your collection again, you could scan or type them up on the computer. That way you would always have an electronic copy… just keep them for yourself - those copyright laws can get tricky.

I actally found a book online that I love: [I]The Knitted Teddy Bear[/I] by Sandra Polley The ISBN number is: 1-4000-5437-0

The bears are adorable and it doesn’t require a lot of yarn, in most cases scrap yarn will do. The book also includes patterns for clothes for the bears - really cute. I’ve made a few and it only took me a few days to knit and sew one together.

Also do a google search, sometimes you can find free knitted toy patterns online.

Good luck and happy knitting:knitting:

Welcome to Knitting Help! Not sure what type of toys you’re looking for, but here’s a few links where you can find some patterns.

Alan Dart has done Beatrix Potter, but you can’t get them on the site. Read the FAQ to see his answer.

These aren’t free, but are adorable.

Why not have ago at Austin the Bear,

Have a look at the thread, I am so proud of everybody that has knitted my bear.

Linda (linnypin)

Love the Austin Bear!!! Great pattern and he is so cute… thank you for sharing your pattern Linnypin

I think you can get the Jean greenhowe books on-line.She has loads of knitted toys and her patterns are so easy to follow.This is one of the dolls I have knitted I love her patterns

Wow, Marie, how cute is that?! You did a wonderful job!

My daughter got Kath Dalmeny’s [B]World of Knitted Toys [/B]from our local public library, and she just loved making some of the simple little animals/toys in that book. We’re in Louisville…I don’t know where in Kentucky you are exactly…but I’m sure you could find this book or a similar one at your local library.

Marie, that doll is so adorable! How long did it take you to make it?

Kayeknit…it was one of those projects that took a while not because it was hard but there are quite a few pieces to knit and sew together so I’d say about a year but if I had stayed with it I could have had it done in a couple of weeks.I love her dolls 'cos the instructions are so clear and easy to follow…I knitted a cat from a sirdar pattern once and it was so hard to put together…if I hadn’t already done toys before I’m not sure I’d have managed it.
I have done a few other of her dolls and toys I’ll get some pics taken and post them.
Thanks for your kind comments

Are you on Ravelry? Ravelry has a wealth of patterns, including tons of toys, and you can just simply add the ones you like to your queue. I’ve found that if I find a pattern I like I go to Ravelry and see if its in database before printing it. That way I have the patterns I like in queue rather than a bunch of paper, which tends to get lost and clutters up my home.

Hi I am Jacqui and I asked for the toy patterns to knit…I had several of the Joyce ? pattern books…the doll in your picture I have actually knitted that one too…I shall have to look online for those patterns…can you send me a message if you receive this,I am very new at this stuff…lol can we exchange email addresses maybe…I am living in Scottsville Kentucky.

here is the link she also has some free patterns on her site

:knitting: Thank you to you ladies who replied.I actually had all those lovely toy knitting patterns in New Zealand,but of cause I could not bring them with me when I came to live in USA…lol I certainly would have done if I could have though. I bought 1 toy Knitting Book though, a Jean Greenhowe Knitted Toys, with the Scarecrow patterns etc…I love making those.

I am knitting a pair of slippers for my husband, a little boring for me but easy to do while watching TV.
We got some much needed rain here in Kentucky this morning,but the sun has come out and it is just beautiful. You all have a lovely safe weekend. I had a bit of trouble to get my photo in my Profile, can my photo be seen please…thank you Jan for helping me.

Happy Knitting, Jacqui:knitting: