Knitted towel ring

I’m making some stuff for a Christmas craft sale and I was hoping to make some tea towel holders. Well the patterns I found are easy enough, you must put holes in the tea towel and that just sounds like extra work. Anyway I found a pattern for a crocheted towel ring (I dont crochet) So does anyone have a pattern for such a thing?
(Sorry- guess I should have put this in pattern central)

You can make a chain loop on the knitted towel. When you BO, don’t cut the tail, instead, YO on the R needle and pull it through the last loop. Repeat until you have a long chain, then cut the tail (leave about 6-10") and pull out the last loop and weave the tail in so the chain makes a loop.

You could do this sort of thing -

Or the loop like Sue suggested.

Take your last few stitches (4 maybe) and knit I-cord for a few cm, then cast off and sew onto the spot right next to the starting point of the I-cord, using the tail for sewing.

you can also start from your last stitch:
with that stitch as a base, make 10-15 stitches, using knit-cast on. Then either knit one row or just cast off straight away again. Sew the open end of that loop down (I might loop the last stitch of the cast on through the edge again before knitting back or casting off, so that there is no sewing and a stronger connection.

No crochet, still a loop holder. Anything appealing for you?

PS: I could not master getting along without crochet :slight_smile: