Knitted squeeze balls

These are knit for the nursing homes. People use them to help with their arthritis, and also helpful in the dementia unit to release anxiety.

It is a free pattern in Ravelry called knitted ball by Mary Garing.


Great idea! I’ve made balls, but just for babies. How do you make them squishy? Is it just stuffing like a regular ball?

That’s a wonderful idea and adorable, squishy balls. It’s very kind of you to do this.

Yes Jan. Stuff them with fibre fill.
The home said no one ever thought of this before and they said the balls are so helpful. She requested bags and bags full of them.

Once done I will start with another home. It is
Wonderful to help the poor souls.

Thanks for posting the link salmonmac. I tried but it didn’t work.

It is my passion having visited nursing homes for years,
And seeing the need the residents have.

Used to make twiddle muffs, but now I can make balls
So much faster helping so many more people.

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I suggest using acrylic yarn for size and color stability over repeated, hot wash and dry cycles.

I am currently trying this pattern using a stockinette stitch from a provisional cast on. Then a three needle graft (kitchner) closure at the end.

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Good point. All mine are acrylic.

What a lovely idea! They also look very nice and colorful!

I made the smallest size, but it looks much larger than I expected.
Using 24 sts on size 5&4 US needles turned out to be softball size.

Looks good! I love the multi-color yarn.

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It looks beautiful!