Knitted Slipper Pattern

My mom has been knitting a certain type of slipper for over 30 plus years. Unfortunately, nothing is written down and I need to get it written down so I won’t forget it.
She has 2 colors; she casts on 72 with a #6 needle. She makes “squares”. When the slipper is finished it looks like it has “treads”. My mom adds Pom-Poms. Does anyone have any possible ideas for a pattern, name of slipper?
Please help.

Maybe one of these?

Thank you Jan. I was able t go to Phentex Slipper Pattern. The slipper is similar – not exact but it’s very similar.
The “columns” are similar but my mother makes squares within each "tread."
Thank you so much
I appreciate your help.


Do you know of a more complete set of insructions?
They seem a bit ambiguous.
other sites? It’s seems to me it’s a very old pattern.

The design may have been one your grandma made up or added her own touches to. I’ve haven’t seen one like that.

Ambiguous? Well… I think because these type of patterns were often handed down possibly something may have been lost in the translation. Here’s a few sites to look through.

ETA: were they more like this?

You can purchase the pattern here if this is it.