Knitted Rug

I found a beautiful rug to knit- I am making it as a gift. All I can say is, I sure hope it is loved and appreciated. This rug although pretty, is the fussiest thing I have ever made! I have frogged this project at least 40 times (I am not kidding!- but I won’t let myself give up!) It says it should be made with bulky yarn (7) and size 15 mm needles. I couldn’t find either, so I am using chunky (6) weight yarn, and size 10 mm, and it looks marvelous! (Fingers crossed- I don’t want to jinx this, I just frogged another 15 rows!) I can’t wait to show you the finished product!
On another note, I began this with a pin hole cast on, which I thought was a really difficult technique, but I found a video that showed me the easy way, and incidentally, there is no hole, and you don’t have to make an extra stitch to lock in when joining in the round (which probably all you experienced knitters already knew, but I didn’t know!) It is such a nicer way of joining! Here is a picture of the rug, (not mine, just the pattern- but I will post a pic when mine is done!


Beautiful, hope you can show it when it’s finished!

Wow looks beautiful :heart_eyes: can’t wait to see finished project :grin: