Knitted pansy by Noea Bellows

I’m confused with beginning pansy pattern by Nora Bellows. It reads: Round 1: CO 1 st. (Okay so far). Kf&b in this st. until you have 5 sts. (Okay), Then the problem: Round 2: join and knit. How do you join??? If someone has ever seen this before, could you explain how to join? I can’t see how you join 5 stitches on a straight needle. She doesn’t say to do the magic loop or any other technique, so I’m baffled. I’m really anxious to get this going. Thanks for any help.

Is this pattern from the book, Noni Flowers? If so, the directions at the front of the book may help.
It may be that you should be using dpns or magic loop. What is the next line in the instructions?

No. It’s a leaflet. The needles required in the materials list say: US7 straight OR dp needles. It says nothing about magic loop, which I don’t know how to do anyway. I have had the pattern for 9 years and have many of her books and patterns and have also made many.of her designs. Usually, her instructions are very clear. If you have any ideas on how to accomplish this join, I would be grateful.

Hmm, what is the next line of the instructions after the join? Does the finished pansy look like it could be knit in the round?

[I][B]The next row says: “kf&bfb 4x (12 sts - Without turning your work, put the first 8 sts., moving from right to left on the needle, on split ring st. markers as holders, 2 sts. each holder). Then turn and P1, put 1 st. on a split ring holder, P1, put 1 st. on same split ring holder”.[/B][/I]

It’s fairly obvious that you are knitting in the round at this point, but the pattern seems very ambiguous. I think it should have been made clearer at the beginning that the work is done in rounds. It seems like these instructions were taken out of context from a book of flower patterns where, as you said, it had more technical instructions in the front of the book. To take it out of that context makes it difficult for someone who doesn’t have the benefit od complete techniques. I will try using 4 dpns. and see if I can get it going.

Definitely seems to be some missing information, I agree. Maybe the photo can help you once you get past these first few directions. Good luck with it!

Thanks for your help. At least you validated my confusion. I think that when an excerpt is taken from a book of patterns and reproduced for a leaflet, they do a disservice to the customer by not having the part of the book that has techniques explained. I got my dpns out and I am going to try and get through the first few rows, then I should be okay. BTW, the flowers are felted so you can’t see the stitch definition pictured on the completed piece. Thanks again.

I love her patterns. I do everything on DPNs, keeps it simpler.