Knitted monkey blanket and hat from Stich N Bitch

Does anyone have the Pattern or know where I can I get if Free I have 4 Grandbabies and one on the way that I would like to knit if for? Or is it just one that I will need to Purchase the book from ebay or search for it? Please Help?:knitting: :zombie:
[COLOR=red]WELL I have found that the Library has the book but not to knit, does it come in knitting instrutions?[/COLOR]

Check your library and see if they have the book or can get it from another one on loan. It’s legal to copy the pattern from a library book, but not to ask another person to make one from their book.

will do. did not know if any one had come up with a pattern on their own. or just found one somewhere else. I do not get out much. thank you.