Knitted Knockers!

Hello!! Our knit group is venturing out on a new project, Knitted Knockers! The pattern calls for an m1. In researching I’m finding m1R and m1L. Which m1 should we do? Thank you for all help here!

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If it doesn’t specify, you can pick which one you want. But be consistent…if you choose m1L, always do m1L.

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Metylda!! I appreciate that!

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I am also making knitted Knockers and I haven’t come across where you m1. I mostly crochet them. I love doing it. Did you get the patterns off the site?

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Hi Nannieree! Yes, the m1 is in the knitted version. I have finished two and working on a third one now. Yes, got the patterns off the official site which is very well done! So you mail yours directly to them? We are donating ours to a local cancer facility. I also have a friend who has two friends going through surgery soon and I’ll be making some for those ladies as well. Yes, I love knitting them…feel like it really makes a difference! Thanks for chatting!!

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Oh yes I love making them. I make them for the state of Mississippi where I live and anywhere else they need me. I get orders from a lady that lives by me that knows the founders of the group and they send her orders for our state. We have a large cancer facility here in Gulfport Mississippi that when I get caught up I’m going to bring some in with some info and cards. You can get all that stuff free by asking on the website. Are you using 100% cotton? You can use acrylic for the ones they use for swimming. Have you tried the crochet version? It’s my favorite. Thanks for making a difference in Womens lives. :smiley:

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Wow…you are one busy lady!! What a blessing you are to your area woman. We have a cancer center which just opened up in our area within the past few years. I have a knitting group that’s been together about 12 years. We do charity knitting and crocheting for our area of Sandusky, Ohio. I’m so happy when I knit the inserts. Giving is so much fun and rewarding. I love the site with all the free info, videos and cards! They’ve done a good job of covering all the aspects. I knit english style and have had no issues. The other ladies knit continental style (pick with left hand) and they have had alot of trouble!! In fact one lady is learning to crochet them! No, I don’t crochet but my crocheters tell me I would love the ease of crocheting the inserts!! Well…can an old dog learn new tricks? We’ll see!! Good chattin with ya…Happy Easter Nannieree…God Bless You

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:innocent: y’all are wonderful.

Hi Nannieree,
I wanted to tell you I attempted to crochet a knocker the other day!!! End result wasn’t too bad but boy do my hands hurt!! I guess I must of been gripping the hook waaaaaay to tightly. I tend to knit on the tight side also but never do my hands hurt. Perhaps with practice I’ll get looser and relax.
I was wondering what yarn(s) you use on the knockers. I purchased Cascade Pima Cotton and started with my bamboo dpns but I just couldn’t make it work…wouldn’t slide on the needles! Then my friend said I would probably be better off with aluminum needles…Yes!!! it worked beautifully. I also have been using Knit Pick’s shine sport which I love. I can use my bamboo dpns for that. It makes a soft soft beautiful knocker. Well, that’s it for now…just very interested in what you use!

I use the cascade Pima cotton also. They have a list of yarns that you are allowed to use. It should print out when you print out the patterns.
Oh yeah, when I first started making these my hands hurt so bad from crocheting them. I would do the wax thing to make them feel better or get my husband to rub them. I have knitted a couple of pairs but I prefer to crochet them.
Do you make them for a certain area? Have you gotten in touch with the main people out west that started this? They will send you all the info and info to send your clients along with the knockers, like how to clean them and they will even make you some business cards with your info on them. I have a lady, here that just calls me with orders that I just call her my supervisor. What state do you live in? Do you make them for a hospital/clinics or for the state? If you ever need any help or support please let me know. I have a couple of pairs on standby. Oh and for swimming you use a different kind of yarn. It has more acrylic in it. It is also on that list. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Have a great weekend !!!

Anna :blush:


Hi Anna,
I live in Ohio near Sandusky…Cedar Point area. We have a contact lady that stuffs them and takes them to local cancer centers here. They were thrilled to receive them. She contacted all our local knit groups and were all knitting or crocheting them.
I can’t remember if I told you but I love using the Cascade Pima…BUT having a terrible time with trying to make a ball out of it. I untwist it…lay it out and start winding but it won’t wind right…arghhhhh. I read where one lady threw out 2 skeins of it because it was a knotted mess. Wish someone would get to the bottom of why that yarn doesn’t wind right. Have any tips or tricks on that? Do you have trouble with it?
I just finished another knit one last night. They’re so pretty when finished. We were just given a building behind a church to meet in!!! I’m so excited…finally…a place of our own. We’ve been meeting in the craft room at Pat Catans but we sometimes have to clean the room before we can use it…glitter…paper…glue. Oh well…we made the best of it. We have long tables and cushioned chairs to sit in in the new building…can’t wait!!
Thank you for your generous offer…not sure what the demand is yet as we just started in our area. I’ll keep you posted!! We haven’t done any in the acrylic yet but I’m sure that’s coming.

     Great weekend to you also!!!


This is such a marvelous charity. Thank you all for making the knitted knockers.

It’s funny about the Cascade Pima. I’ve made 2 sweaters with the yarn and never had a problem winding multiple hanks for each sweater. I put the untwisted hank on a chair back and wind away.

That’s exactly how I unwind iit. On the back of a chair or my husband has it around his hands. Hehe.

Hmm, I wonder if they’ve changed the country of origin? I’ve had other problems with Cascade yarn due to this kind of change.

Hey salmonmac,
I’m wondering if it’s possible I’m starting with the wrong “end”. I cut the tie (only one) and then start winding. Honestly, I just kept the skein flat on my card table. Wondering if that could be the problem also. I just bought 10 skeins and feel really nervous about how to go about this.
Think I’ll try the chair back method as I don’t have a swift and ball winder. Those are the two items going on my Christmas wish list!!
Yes, it’s a wonderful charity and I love knitting something that will make a difference in a woman’s life…so worth the effort!

Hahahahahahahaha…I may have to grab my husband’s hands next time!!

Not sure if it’s the yarn…or (more than likely) me. May be the method I’m using. Pressing on…

Try the chairback method and see if that helps. I’m afraid that if there’s a problem with the hank, a swift and ball winder will run into the same problem. Good luck with it. I know how frustrating this can be.

ok salmonmac will try it. The yarn is on backorder so it may be a couple of weeks before it even shows up. Thank you for cheering me on!!