Knitted horseshoe

Hello everyone.

Does anybody know where I can get a knitting pattern for a horseshoe? My niece is getting married in June and I would like to knit her a lucky horseshoe to go with the bride and groom I have already knitted for her.

many thanks,

I can’t find a pattern for a horse shoe… but I did find some stitches that maybe you could turn into a throw for them?

Here is the Horseshoe cablefrom lion brand
Hereis a Cardigan from Magknits but it gives you the lace pattern for the horseshoe…

I love the idea and hope you find what you are looking for :happydance:

Do you mean a horseshoe as in the hunk of iron that gets nailed to the bottom of a horse’s hoove?

Can yu knit an i-cord and then thread a piece of heavy wire thru the ceonter, then shape it?

Jean Greenhowe’s Chimney Sweep Hedgehog pattern has a horseshoe in it