Knitted Hemp Backstrap from the Body Shop

Hi guys,

This knitted hemp backstrap from the Body Shop is super cool. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to knit one?

First of all, what sort of material is it probably knit out of? I doubt it is just hemp twine, because wouldn’t that be too rough even for something that’s supposed to exfoliate? Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, is that just garter stitch, do you think, or something else?

Finally, handles. I love the handles, but not having knitted a bag (yet) I have no idea how to make them. I am looking in Stich-n-bitch tonight and on the internet to see if there’s a bag with similar handles, but in the meantime can anyone point me to one off the top of their heads?

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your help. These things would make awesome gifts!

I would love to show y’all pics of what I’ve been doing, but our digital camera bit the dust. By the way, though, I finished my cotton socks (a la Silver’s tutorial) and they actually came out pretty good!

You can buy hemp yarn, though I don’t know how different it is from twine. Linen might work well, too. It looks like garter stitch. You could just knit straps and sew them on, too–nothing fancy. I don’t know how to make them curved. Or you could make fat icords for handles. Or even bind off and then cast on again in the center area to leave a hole.

Maybe it will say on it what the material is made out of. If anything it’s an excuse to go to the mall. : )