Knitted gifts for men

I know some of ya’ll are men so I hope you’ll be able to help. I want to knit a friend a gift for Christmas but the only thing I can think of is a beer bottle holder thingy, but I would like to consider more options before starting.

Are you limiting this to men only? I’m intruding then. lol I knitted my son sox and he loves them so much that he learned to knit so he can eventually make his own. He also loves the worsted weight slipper sox, hat, and mittens I made for him.

What about a pair of fingerless gloves or fingerless gloves with the mitten flap? They’re handy for texting and non-texting moments.

:verysad: No sweaters!!! I think The Sweater Curse applies to anybody you aren’t related to. :eyes:

I’ve made hats. Unless you live on the equator most men wear hats at some time. :teehee:

GG, no it is not limited to men only and you are not intruding. Thanks, both of you, for your suggestions.
ARRRGH!!! I hate it when this happens! I started typing my answer and by the time I finished ( was interrupted by dinner) two more people had answered! Thanks to ALL OF YOU for giving suggestions.

Oh, and GG, I’m not really into knitting sweaters anyhow so there’s no danger of the sweater curse going into effect. :teehee:

I didn’t think you would knit a sweater, really. I just think the sweater curse is funny.

I too vote for hats and gloves and mittens.
Right now I am working on a pair of gloves and hat set as a retirement gift. The custodian at the elementary school is retiring at the end of this year. So I decided to knit him a hat and glove set as a retirement gift. He has been very good to me by getting me chain that is used to lock the walkers gate. He gave me a lock and key to use with it. So I decided to return the favor.

:fingerwag: I wouldn’t think you would think it was so funny if you experienced it firsthand. :lol:

Guess why my ex is my ex. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: It applies to crochet too. :thumbsup: Calling it a curse…maybe it’s really a blessing in disguise.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hmmmm…Maybe it is a blessing in disguise and, by the way, this thread was about knitting things for people, not deteriorated relationships.:tap:


even in the dead of winter here (where it really does get to 20, 10, 0 degrees), i’m unlikely to wear a hat, or a scarf, or a cowl. and never mittens.

i’d take full-fingered gloves or fingerTIP-less gloves ( but not fully fingerless, where there’s no definition between digits… and not those warmer or wrister things…) some people call the style i like ‘cigar gloves’ or ‘trigger finger’ gloves. your fingers are free to use your smart phone, grip coins, etc.

i’d go for socks or a blanket/throw any day. socks are just about the only crazy thing in my wardrobe.

and never, ever the usual tropes of beer, golf, guns&ammo, t&a, sports for sports sake, and no logos. and no cup cozies. and not too much decoration… no crazy cabling, lacing, patterns of seashells that turn into botticelli’s venus and then into a meteor shower, all in knits/purls.

i know women get easily bored with knits for guys, but seriously… you can’t go wrong with calm, quiet, basic, timeless, classic colors and patterns.

but that’s just me, as one guy.

I can understand how you can feel that way XtoberCB. And I think the guy I’m knitting for doesn’t really dig crazy, or hipster-ish things. And I don’t like knitting crazy things either, so it works out!

it’s basic, it’s boring… it’s frustrating for artistic types and those who love color and design… but men just want nice things that don’t scream ‘look at me, with all my color and design and craziness’… boring is better :wink:

I can relate to that, I usually make for myself, hats, sox, fingertipless gloves, but mostly blankets.

I can’t think of many men who wouldn’t like a pair of socks. A lot of people really don’t know how nice they are until they put them on.

Very true. Once you give someone a pair of socks they want more!

or, once you give only one person (mom) in a house some socks… the other person (dad) complains he doesn’t have any (they’re a WIP! i only have 2 hands and limited time!) :wink: although, i did get worried when the seahawks lost last week… better get dad’s helical 4 color socks done while there’s still some football season left. :wink: