Knitted fruit pattern from interweave knitting magazine

hello, i left my new issue of interweave knitting at home. there was an ad in there to visit a website and get pattern directions for making knitted fruit to put in a basket :slight_smile:

I think it was like or something but that is not coming up, google searches aren’t helping either. does anyone have the issue and can give me the website? the ad was pretty close to the front…

howzabout Jimmy Bean’s Wool? :wink:

That pattern is at Jimmy Beans…but if you search for it, you’ll look forever! :?? Luckily I had it bookmarked:


Thank you both! I haven’t used dpn’s yet and it seems like a LOT of work for such tiny fruit. However, I found a cool free hat pattern on their site with circular needles that I want to try out.