Knitted fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is gorgeous!


Amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it, in ironwork or knitting. What a clever idea and what lovely knitting.


You need a course yarn - any shepherd will spin you one of these :wink:

She used what they use to make fish nets (a nylon rope) so it’s probably the best thing of all for this situation. Dampness won’t hurt it. :slight_smile:

Haha! Typo ruins poor joke, Jan! It should have read “coarse yarn” not course yarn - geddit? :roll_eyes:

:joy: I don’t think yarn would work for this project if you wanted it to last though regardless of whether it’s coarse. Because it’s outdoors I think the fishing net nylon was a brilliant idea. Might be hard to knit with. I read she used modified curtain rods for needles. Eek!

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This is amazing :heart:
Does anyone know how tall it is, or how long the modified curtain rods had to be? Thinking of the process she went through for this makes me think it had to be the most unwieldy project ever! I’m imagining huge, long needles that would be nearly impossible to knit with. I have issues with my 14” needles hitting my chair or couch or whatever I’m sitting on while knitting…I’m wondering if she came up with and made something, like a circular needle (and not super long, 3’ needles I’m imaging) to make this beautiful fence. I’m inspired to try something like this, instead of just getting those stick-in-the-ground lengths of wire fence to keep rabbits out of our garden. It might even be cheaper…?
Anyway, the main thing I’m wondering about is if I’ve missed something in the article or if someone has read further about exactly how she modified the curtain rods? Any clever ideas are cool, too :blush:

It is wonderful isn’t it?
If you Google Anne Eunson, there’s a link to a Facebook page with more photos including this one.
Anne Eunson fence

You get and idea of the needle size and modifications. (Of course, the photo is before blocking.)

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It is amazing! I see Salmonmac gave you some info. I originally saw it on FB, but didn’t see the picture she just posted. Those do look unwieldy to knit with. Because she used a nylon fishing net type fiber i would think it would be fairly heavy so a circular might not work.