Knitted Dollhouse Book

I just received my copy of this new book; the Knitted Dollhouse and it calls for size US 1 needles, which is smaller than I currently have in my stock.

Does anyone have recommendations on good needles in this size? It seems like they might snap easily if I get cheap ones.

Any help is appreciated!

It really depends on what type of needles you like. Fixed cable, double pointed, single pointed.

I have several of the different types and prefer the Addi Lace needles when working the small sizes (fixed cable or interchangeable if you want to invest in a set … easier to hold on to if attached to a cable, for me.) Here is a link for some different types. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the recommendation. I know Addi’s are very highly recommended, so I was considering that.

Have you ever tried the Knitters Pride Karbonz line?

I have not tried the Karbonz but I do own the Knitter’s Pride Melodies of Life"Zing" Interchangeable Needle Set and I absolutely love them.

Knitter’s Pride Melodies of Life"Zing" Interchangeable Needle Set-9 Pairs / 4 Cords/Accessories - Multi

Staci Perry has a nice comparison of Knitters Pride needles here, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Also a more general comparison here. So many needle choices!

Thanks Wycca! There’s just too many great choices out there!

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Thank you! That’s a great review!

I’ve decided to go with Knitter’s Pride Zings. They just arrived in the mail and I love them already!

Thanks everyone for your recommendations!


I have several needle sets. And the Zing are my absolute favs.

I use my Zing tips a lot. They’re nicely in between the slick, pointy Nova Platina tips and the grabbier birch tips. For toys I’d go with my Nova Platina fixed circulars in the small sizes.

They are so great! I am very happy with them!

I love your little mitered square too! Is it a blanket block?

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Agree completely! They are slicker than my current wood needles, which is really nice for a lot of projects.

I’ve got some 1.5mm Karbonz, I like knitting with them but found the yarn starting to catch on the edges of the tips and a tip on one needle came off completely. Still waiting to be glued back on.

A tip coming off should be covered by warranty so contact the vendor. Hopefully they’re authorized to do warranty coverage.

I got tired of trying to be sure of what size my sock needles are. I just bought more Zing skinny skewers when Handsome Fibers had 20% off. My usual for socks has been two at a time on magic loop but I need to do socks on separate needles for colorwork and now I know that the needles match in size because they’re the same color. The needles are beautiful and a joy to work with.

Yes. I’m making the Hue Shift Afghan for my grandson. It’s a total of 100 squares.