Knitted curly q's

Halloween sneaks up on me every year !! I have an adorable and warm fleece frog suit for my youngest and he wants to be a monster…I am adding a 3rd eye, some ears and a tail. If I were to knit some curly q’s to add a tuft to the top of the head what difference does it make if I knit front, back, front of each stich or just front and back before binding off? Have found patterns for each way.

Seems that increasing more into each stitch will give you more curly in the q. I like the way you’re adapting the frog suit which sounds adorable.

I’m trying to think what it is you’re doing and not getting there. Can you link to something with curly q’s so I can get an idea. I’m not even sure what to look for. :shrug:

This is a curly q… a crocheted one. Knitted curlies are not too common but I cannot crochet.

I thought you meant something sort of like that. I saw a knitting video, if I can find it again I’ll post the line so you can see if it interests you. I’m not sure if it would look like that.

It’s not curlicues, it’s tendrils. Here’s the video just the same. Cat Bordhi’s Knit-as-you-go Tendrils

the crocheted version looks a lot like the short-row stuff frankie brown (rose emily on ravelry) does…

but especially

maybe even a mix of those 4 for some extra wow factor?