Knitted bra?

A goofy friend wants me to knit her a bra. I think it’s a joke, but I want to make her one. Can anyone direct me to a pattern and type of yarn to use?

I was knitting one of those fuzzy scrafs and she thought I was making a bra- then asked if I can make her one. She thought the yarn would be itchy. So I thought, I’ll make her a bra to wear around.


Knitty has a few different knitted bra patterns in this issue:

As for yarn-I’d follow what the patterns suggest. I can’t really advise because I’m a rather busty girl and I don’t think I could get away with a knitted bra. :teehee:

I found a bunch on Ravelry, but many are not free.

Here’s a few books that have them. Try the library.

This reminds me of the Pickles cartoon from Jan 23 & 24.
Set up:

Punch line:


[B]Instant Bra[/B]:
Modify a thong pattern, knit two side-by-side on one “wait band” and adjust where the two “thongs” attaches in the back.

Presto, an inverted, double thong. :roflhard:


I hope she’s flat chested. I can’t imagine that a knit bra would be supportive. :??

I suppose that might not be the point but being very practical, I’m not really a lingere gal myself. :aww:


Would sock yarn with the stretchy nylon be supportive?

Actually I think a stretchy yarn might be more of a problem for a busty gal than less stretchy yarn! :teehee:

I have no idea about strechy sock yarn but anything w/o an underwire=falling out the bottom for me. :oops:



I actually have the book Knitting Lingerie style. The yarn required is Cascade Fixation a elasticized cotton yarn The pattern is demi-cup underwired bra. It is actually quite pretty. It is too bad that amazon does not have a picture of it up. The pattern is for sizes 32a to 38d. You need to get a bra kit either from joanns or from to finish. (the underwire, closures, etc)

Her kit is inexpensive. I believe its 7.00. This bra is on my queue.

You can try looking at - they have a lot of the project pics inside books so you can see them.