Knitted Beanie Pattern Search

Hi Everyone:

Has anyone have or know where I can find a pattern of this knitted Beanie. I have found some but without elastics and they don’t have that puffed rib look. I will pay for the pattern.

ThanksBeanies beanie
I think some of these are similar to what your looking for.

I think you can make the ribbing stand out a bit with brioche rib. Not sure though you’d have to experiment. Overall looks like an easy hat.

That’s a great idea. I have just learned brioche and have made quite a few items absolutely love it.

Thank you!

It’s pretty much the same but because they start at the bottom up not sure how I could insert an elastic, definitely a good pattern. Thank you for that.

This looks like the beanie pattern complete with the leather tag. There are even directions for the messy bun version.

That’s awesome, @salmonmac! I like it and I wasn’t even looking for it. :joy:

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That was pure luck!

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Super! Now I just figure out how to insert an elastic at the top I guess I can purchase an elastic string and sew it into the top before closing off. Thank You!

So you want the elastic on opening for the ponytail?

Yes! So today I purchased a roll of elastic string, I will have to knot it in during the last row I think it should work well. I will take a photo of the finished product, and post along with my very first brioche hat and scarf that I made thanks to the assistance of this knitting community with answering my questions. This site is incredible and I have mentioned
this site to other people I know who are just starting out or just want to be apart of a community on sharing!


I found Grafting Instructions for Snowflake Snood (Graft the snood to the hair elastic): About the pattern
Link to Pattern
I also found instructions for a Crochet Bind Off onto Elastic Round 10:
I have used both methods successfully for Snood Bun Covers, for hats, hairbands, sweater cuffs, etc., a very useful technique.