Knitted baby hat

I am looking for a knitted baby hat with brim. There was a hat for sale on Etsy but the owner doesn’t sell the pattern, only the finished hat. I have scoured the Internet and Hobby Lobby looking for something similar, but I’ve had no luck. I am wondering if anyone has a similar pattern and where I could get it.

I’ve attached a picture. I’m not trying to copy this person’s work, but I would just like to find something similar or find out if it is an available pattern somewhere.

Here’s one for sale on ravelry. There were a few others by searching for baby hat with brim.

I LOVE YOU! Thanks so much Ingrid. I have spent 2 whole days looking for just what you sent me. I should have come to the forum sooner - would’ve saved me a whole lot of time and energy. I can’t wait to get started.:cheering:

And here’s a FREE toddler’s hat that might could be downsized a bit:

These are cute, too.

Thanks for the pattern links. I downloaded a free one and I bought the Greta pattern. I’m ready to do now!:woot: