Knitted Babes

I just picked up this book at the library. It is to cute :slight_smile:
Does anyone want to knit along with me.
Iam altering the pattern at bit, as my daughter isn’t fond of the legs. So Iam going to make them icord and increase to make some feet.
Otherwise I have my daughter knitting away on the clothes for the dolls and can’t wait to accessorize.

Laura C

I have started a Babe too. Haven’t been too faithful lately though… (naughty me) I have tons of yarn to try for hair. My biggest hurdle has been to plan her “babe-ness” :wink:
I too am going for Icord on the legs. Something about a curled “strip” of ST st for legs isn’t right by me…I like the Flo Tilly version, very girlie!
Have you seen the blog on the Babes? Here it is…

I’ve started the shawl shown at the end of the book too… very dainty and cute!

I made my Dolls legs with I-chord
but I turned a heel, and increased and decreased to make knees and ankles
she came out really neat
I posted her before, under Princess abby I think

Oh that doll is too cute. You made such nice modifications that I didn’t reconize where it came from. Iam working on the body right now. I did it all at once on dpns, I didn’t want to fuss with seaming. Iam working on the ballerina one at this moment. My daughter is making the tank top because it is a really easy beginner pattern. Iam doing mine out of bernat satin because it is easier to wash and use (some of these are for 5 year olds) Iam also using those plastic doll eyes that have a clip on the back. Iam going to check out that link when I get home tonight.