Knitted Animals

Heyy does anyone know any existing patterns for making a stuffed piggie of bunny? Any links would be helpful. Thanks =]

I know there are some rabbits/bunnies here, but I don’t know about pig toys.


I have never purchased from this place, but they sell a stuff pig pattern in pdf format for $3.50.
Also, Kate Gilbert of Clapotis fame (Knitty, Fall 2004) sells a basic bunny pattern on her web site. HTH.

Ohhhh that is a cute piggy! :teehee:

lols yea its cute, is there anything out there thats simple and small? thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a book called world of knitted toys that is nearly all animals—
Amazon link
I love it and have made several of the patterns :slight_smile:


does anyone have the book Jean Greenhowe’s Knitted Animals? the patterns look really cutee. :inlove: